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Asking you what? Well, we've got a spare funding the house my jobs. You're a supporter of Tottenham. How did this fund them start? There's one game that I watched in the fifteen sixteen season that I just fell in love with Spurs. It was the north on Darby at White Hart Lane when Harry Kane scored that curler. I just fell. I love the passion. I love the commitment. I love the togetherness so Boston little played. Well lot day in with a bent one him. Would you be? Would we be now sitting with an awesome fun? Probably not just throughout the rest of the season. Even though Spurs ended up finishing third below arsenal. There are so many crazy matches during that season. Yeah. And it was a young side. Harry Kane winning the golden boot and. The Chelsea match against Spurs where ended to probably one the most crazy matches. I've seen in my life and applies to go up. Yeah. Absolutely plans to go up. I just love hunting, son. And it's interesting because you know, one moment can can almost like you say try to team to play any grows from there. And you must be delighted he did the moment with Tottenham again one nil win against Burnley a late goal by Christina. And the thing that stands out to me Spurs of late or I used to always think when when it gets down to the nitty gritty when we got real difficult time. He ain't games. Sometimes Spurs Gobert missing. Sometimes Spurs dumb stunned open realize these moments. We've gotta get to. I've got to say in the last few weeks. Montlake goals, the amount of drive and determination to get things. Don't maybe talking Champions League primarily. You know, I mean of history games and chums league. Go onto to qualify in the Monday for the Premier League some light goals from difficult marches. Both they found a way to get eight doing maybe Paul from the north London Dobie recently, do not feel feel these maturity about this team. Now is is of another level to to this team that we used to say well experience will just miss out Masao or they may be serious contenders. I wouldn't actually say they're contenders. I still have that feeling that sooner or later we're going to end up being the same old Spurs. Yeah. Fun. You don't you don't think they've taken this step forward? Maybe collectively they feel you know, young because genomics copy hurricane sandy new contract goals coming from Lucas Moore's son. The maller. It feels a bit different to me. I still think we're missing a few key players especially against big matches where we have to start cow Walker Peters who's a young talent. But I just I wasn't convinced when he was on the starting lineup against Barcelona in the must-win game. I think there's they definitely matured in games that I the PSV inter match where we could have drawn or loss. I think they've shown that they can win matches big matches when they're under pressure. There's always been that thing about Spurs where when they start feeling pressure. They lose their heads star becoming emotionally low bit in control and things, and it should be a delicate balance because I think one thing about poetry chino is he gives you an plays a chance to play and there's many big clubs it. They're asking. I'm thinking of one four. Thinking all of us. Get today. Harry wings car will compete e gives you trust these young plays. It gives them confidence. And I think that's important going forward. John. I just wonder Spurs. It's not the DP squad. We know they didn't by anybody in this summit. It'd be interesting if they do any business in the Johnny wind suggestions all that. You know, we have to be the ride prize. So let's just say they they go with what they have my it become down primacy Champions League family. These a big Champions League game on a on a Tuesday or Wednesday. You think he goes strong on the weekend? I must do. I think Chuck four is a priority. Fist Burs chumps league. Football has come in that new stadium whenever they get in their next season this season in four seasons time, we'll never know stadium. Champions League football's most conveyed gamble and going to jump competition. Absolutely. I think they they definitely could. Only sixteen teams left and extend pretty good one. Yeah. But I would say this might be one of the more open champion league. I think if there's going to be a year that Premier League side gonna win. I think it could be this one. I think. I think they'd go for it. Personally, you go for I would question for you. Do you think the Tottenham snake new stadium wherever it comes like a new manager bump? Yeah. Do you think that could be what they need to bring a trophy home in any of the four competitions at in? Absolutely. I think the whole thing is just going to be so positive. I mean the stadiums. Stunning. I think the funds of kind of an nothing of golf you've friends who have had enough traveling to two when Lee was a temporary home. It did its job. Now, it's a bit like you overstay new welcome a little bit. They want to be in their own home. And I think you're one hundred percent, right. If they can get not enough. Not stadium and give themselves lifted of competition. Maybe the some glorious Champions League nights. I it state for Spurs. Just they're probably doing enough as as as he stunned. I mean, the only five points behind Muncie top disable as the third best team almost like guarantee a spot in the league. And if they get themselves not position, then they comedic concentrate on Champions League. If they go deep in it. I have a question for you. Okay. So far away your Patino in January transfer market. Daniel Levy allows you to sign one realistic signing who would it be? Know I'd go got Marco now from west short term. I think he does you book. I'm not Michio Paci known, by the way, Daniel Levy doesn't give money away. I'd say shoutout for Spurs. You kicked getting the job Dolan must be considered part time race five points behind Manchester City family. It's not just about the big six. We'll discuss the best of the best when we get back. I'm with you Robbie focal show on NBC sports aching. You're NBC sports radio. Update starts now. Saturday NFL is underway. Jeff Biggs in the Texans. And the jets are going at it as we speak about life stadium. Coming up tonight in Denver, the mile high matchup between the Broncos and the Browns off the field as expected Carson Wentz has been ruled out for the eagles to warn against the Rams, Nick polls will get the start and James Connors now doubtful for the Steelers for their big game tomorrow against the patriots. College football is back. Five of the forty bowl games are on the schedule today and just about to get underway eastern Michigan and Georgia Southern it's a full day of college hoops number one Kansas knocking off number seventeen Villanova seventy four seventy one ended upset as number twenty five. Syracuse lost to Old Dominion, sixty eight to sixty two MBA tonight. Lebron and the Lakers will hit Charlotte and the.

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