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Just wanna. See, thank you for watching the match. From what happened in terms of the way that the players spoke on the podium, great sportsmanship, great leadership, and I think a great job done by both of them to to sort of save the moment. But I would argue also that you know the damage was already done by. Coming up Williams Osaka instantly goes from being a tennis match to a roar Shak test for your attitudes on sports and fairness and gender, and race and tradition. Whatever this is today. Explain. Hey, Jeff. Bird. Hey, it's Sean Rotherham how you doing. Really. You tune? Well, I'm calling you from Washington DC. You're in Toronto, Canada, right? International college? Yeah, that's right. And I'm calling internationally to tell you about transfer wise because you're my friend. You're great friend and one time when I came to visit you in Toronto as a great friend, you just gave me ten bucks. We're like, hey, have one on me, and I just want to let you know that with transfer wise, you could just do that digitally. You could just send me money internationally any time like you could send me ten bucks right now. So if I'm following correctly, the international character of this cau- dovetails quite well. With the nature of the product, nailed it. Yeah, you can try the app for free when you go to transfer wise dot com slash today. Amazing. I think I might do that flash today. Okay, Caitlyn. So we got Serena saying, this is about equality. We've got Osaka saying, I'm just glad to have won. Thanks, please leave me alone. We've got the US Tennis Association saying, we need to figure this out. They slap Serena with the requisite fines. But then something happens, which is, of course the mob reacts and what does the mob to as far as I can tell in the media circles, I inhabit this ignites a firestorm, mostly pro Serena pro women pro empowerment. This can be seen as part of women's fight for quality, working mother. Think pieces hot takes up, ED's television appearances. Everyone's got something to add into this, which I think is great. There is real inequality in the game, right? Just a week earlier. Female player got fine for changing her shirt on court while wearing a sports bra. While you know when there was a break in a match later on in the tournament Novak, Djokovic took his shirt off and like lean back with his hands behind his head and sort of had a big grin on his face and basked in, you know, having a little bit of ventilation. So women are fine for taking their shirts off and not exposing anything. Men take their shirts off and are celebrated for this is a game where there is a fair amount of double standards going on. Right? I mean, Novak. Djokovic who won the men's singles, title has gone on the record talking about whether or not women actually deserved to be paid equally. So like, yeah, this is a pretty certainly misogynous sport. Right before this tournament started this US open the French Open based in Paris, which takes place in late spring, announced a rule change to their clothing policy and the cat suit, and they specifically called out Serena Williams is outfit from this year. Her one z. that was dubbed by a lot of players as the catsuit would be banned next year. Now Serena took this sort of in stride and said, when it comes to fashion, you don't wanna be a repeat offender. So while before this even has to come up and didn't sort of wanna take on the implications of her getting singled out in a French tennis federation announcement from another grand slam basically saying, we didn't like how you looked at this turnament and we're gonna make sure that nobody especially, you feels like they can look that way. Again, especially Serena said that this catsuit was actually meant to prevent these blood clots that she had dealt with post pregnancy. Yeah, exactly. It was made of a material that helped her circle. Nation and in talking about how agreed just this was and how terribly unfair this was and how mill outfits don't get police. I was recalling literally all the ways that Serena Williams has been policed her whole career her whole life. I would imagine, you know, obviously she famously grew up playing on the public tennis courts in Compton after being born in Michigan and was raised by a dad who didn't know anything about tennis, but learned it from books and took her and her sister out to the court and was determined to make them champions. You can see an early interview with Venus, her sister where an interviewer is basically trying to pry from her her confidence. Think. So I can Peter. You know. Very confident. You say it so easily. Why. Because I believe.

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