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Atlantic. The Virgin Group, which now owns hundreds of companies will be investing. Where Specs have become a popular vehicle for companies to go public. Once the deal is closed. Ticker symbol will be m e me. Me and they're going to raise some money here. They expect to raise 3.5 or become more $3.5 billion. It's the company. I've done. Ads form. I actually Submitted a spit sample to them some many years ago when they first started, and then they tell you Oh, yeah, you're Irish or something. It is a little sketch. It's not sketch only because they don't They're not really in analyzing your genome, that just statistically, comparing it to other people whom they know to be Irish. And they said, Well, you look Irish. It's kind of like looking at your nose and your hair said Yeah, you look Irish. Um They're gonna raise a lot of money that they're gonna raise a lot of money. 23 me. It's Zagat business to be in. Actually, I got nothing against him effect. They they emailed me last year a couple months ago, and they said, if you send us more spit way will compare it with our new fifth generation chip. And I did that another 100 bucks kind of down the tubes. I know it doesn't You know, they didn't tell me anything. I don't already know. Just put it that way. Um Have you used clubhouse? Speaking of Hives of villainy and scum have used clubhouse. This is the all the rage right now. It Zhar discrepancies I have. I felt only it's worth a billion dollars out of nowhere. Uh, you create a room. Audio only you can on Lee here it on your phone. You can't record it. You can't listen to it later. Just live live life. Other people come in the room. You could bring them up on stage. You could all talk at once. People can raise their hands. Only reason I mention it is Last week. Elon Musk stopped by Did about did a couple hours 5000. People flooded into the room and then another 5000. So they made an overflow room and then another 5007 overflow room for that overflow room. Very popular with the tech pros in Silicon Valley. And then last week, Mark Zucker burg, founder of Facebook, showed up. Talked a little bit. Oh, Wow. Now it's everybody's all it's all the buzz. It's all the buzz around. I spent some time There's some good stuff on it course It's just, you know, it's invite only right now. You can't you know, you gotta know somebody which always makes it more popular. More interesting people. I don't know. It's all the rage. That means he's probably done. I don't know. I don't know how this stuff works. Hey, let's let's get to the phones. 88 88 ask Leo. That's the phone number. The phones are full. Looks like we got one more line maybe 8888275536 toll free from anywhere in the U. S. Or Canada. Outside that area. You could still call you Skype. There's a website. Website is tech guy labs dot com. I mentioned that so you have to ready thing down. It's all being written down for you by James to prove our scribe. Use that website. If you if you heard something say, I want to know more. What's the link.

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