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Um and so that that's how the warren carbs came to be and the actual uh carbohydrates that are in the diet are slim to none we don't were league carbohydraterich a carbohydrates we uh there's not anything in uh intentional that we eat the has carbohydrates in it so for example something like milk would be out of the question because it has quite a bit of carbohydrates milk actually has more carbs in a does anything else has like seven eight grams a protein might have seventy grams of fat but it's got like 13 grams of sugar per serving uh so that would be out yogurt and things of that nature a lot of things that you wouldn't think about until you went down this rabbit holy you wouldn't normally think about these things until he were faced with until you started reading food labels a really good quote that i like from what rob wolf is uh he said you know were so concerned about our food labels and what's on them but the truth is we should be eating foods that don't have food labels and i thought that that was a remarkable comment because i i do know that they package or meet at the store and oil but a food label on it but i mainly just uh saying that our food uh uh shouldn't be process shouldn't be packaged in shouldn't be you know something that has a shelf life of uh you know three years whatever even even some things can just lay around for a longer period of time uses some things that haven't been shared with us throughout our history grains and in us um i just heard the other day and you get to know what's true different things pop up here and there but cereal is like a waste byproduct uh from from what i've heard uh farmers were just looking to you looking for a way to utilize uh some of the access stuff that they had in and they started to make cereals and that's.

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