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Start of a promised your best down from me yes then gus jeff that of the day that yet god girl constrict there's definitely jerry yes no the main ally mustang the party so sleazy he stood jewish the dirt with is hollywood news on the number one hit music station one is five jeez yeah so the word i pregnant have not come out of highly generous math yet okay tmz reporting that she's confirmed that but if you know the article that their if they're just saying no someone told summons ran that someone's friends houses that she said she was pregnant put there's highly germano official kelly jenner has not said however maybe she doesn't need to because there has been a confirmation straight from caitlyn generators rap caitlyn gender is highly dinners father and what mother father father flowery honor and yet kaitlan gender did an interview and she said to the rat said to the tabloid the sun tabloid yet he told her father about the uh the pregnancy months ago okay just came out in said it close well there it is so but the official word from kylie jenner herself against now she doesn't need to as i guess i'd not yeah i guess you can wait to whenever you want to say it but now at the generous or leisure they argue as much publicity as possible isn't there are certain amount of time people typically wait before because the cancelling of miscarriages not yet everywhere try is that too is typical however she's five months apparently oh this you have a baby bump i think that didn't some of the photos that have been revealed she's wearing big baggy tshirt which have you know anything about obama jeter she of now she has a new mattress that runs everything big baggy shy away to.

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