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Good morning, I'm John Shafer fifty year old, former police detective in mesquite has pleaded guilty in federal court in Utah in a teenage sex case airy Erickson of bunkerville, avoided trial with us plea on Monday to charge of crossing state lines to engage in illicit sexual conduct Ericsson is expected to face up to five years in prison. He was arrested in September of last year after the parents of a fifteen year old Saint George boy, contacted police about photos, the teen exchanged with Ericsson, former assemblywoman, Vittoria semen was elected to represent ward, two on Las Vegas city council semen received more than thirty nine percent of the votes cast to defeat seven other challengers. They're all vying for a seat the became available after councilman. Steve Arocca resigned in early March previewing, a potentially nasty fight, if they meet in the general election next year, President Trump, and Joe Biden have been trading barbs in Iowa before leaving here for I with the president locked great school insults at Biden, all. Came out, loser, you'll buy is a dummy and later a council bluffs, that nobody respects Biden dot even other Democrats saying where is what happened at nearly the same moment on the other side of Iowa Biden said he was fascinated by all the presidential attention. But by himself had already mentioned the president by name, roughly a dozen times while insisting he was just pointing out policy differences, not mudslinging has totally different than attacking his character or lack thereof that you argued that saga megani at the White House comedian Jon Stewart lashed out at congress over a nine eleven victims fund Stewart was not joking before the House Judiciary committee angry and you should be to Stewart wants to see money never run out for a victim's compensation fund set up after the nine eleven attacks. First responders in their families were there and in front of me. A nearly empty congress. Stuart says in shameful embarrassment to the country, and it is a stain on this institution. Louisiana republican. Mike Johnson told Stewart not to worry if it isn't a comfort to you. All we know this Bill is going to pass the overwhelming landslide majority of the house. John Stewart was unconvinced asking why this process is hard and take so long and Donohue, Washington. A north Las Vegas company has already booked for trips to the international space station. Bigelow aerospace owner Robert Bigelow paid SpaceX millions of dollars earlier this year Bigalow already has a presence at the ISS it spacecraft. The beam is docked there.

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