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Hey gabriel. Gabriel. For hey, so much for coming and doing this. This up here. On that. I need to tell you about microphones, exactly. Gabriel. Here's the sad thing. We figured out is Christie might be really, really good at it. I am don't worry. You got student in me. All right. All right. What you showed me how, how would love to hear now embarrassed? 'cause you're really good. It's okay. Do it before he shows us exactly. Yeah. No. That's actually awesome. That's awesome. Names, topa Greece. I'm like at that level. Yeah. We tell us about you and how you, first of all, I should explain to the listener you seem like a really nice super. Swag. The man bun. Yeah. Not LA per se. But, you know, just outskirts. Okay. I e e area, you know, wrench Kamanga. Yeah. In the. Fire? But yeah, I mean I. Have you always been like interested in excited about music? Yeah. I've always enjoyed and loved music. Actually, when I was younger, I was wanted to be an artist drawn paint. And I still do that. I still definitely, you know paint, but just not as often as I used to, and I do some art shows here and there, but music was just one of those things that I wanted to learn how to play an instrument when I was younger and it just kind of didn't happen. You know, not work. Well, that too one instrument that you have on your twenty four seven exactly free to right. Exactly. So, yeah. So I essentially utilize the instrument that I was born with and kind of developed a way to use that to be my instrument really. So was there a particular artist or time in music that influenced you to start boxing? There were kind of a lot of them. Most people know about Bobby mcferrin, it was like he's he was like a beat box before there were really beat boxers, and his son is actually an amazing boxers. Well, Taylor mcferrin. Yeah. But he, you know, the way he utilize his, his voice, and in such a creative way was, you know, really kind of his braces to me, but also, you know, the early era of beat boxers like Dougie fresh, and then the fat boys. So. Yeah. It really is. Terrible terrible. Yeah. So so, you know, that was a bit before my time growing up, but I was fascinated by hip hop music. And then, you know, in the Napster era of free downloads and stuff..

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