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Com and you'll get my show every night and I did a show comparing Elizabeth Warren to Woodrow Wilson she is Woodrow Wilson what she wants to do is exactly what Woodrow Wilson wanted to do Woodrow Wilson who laid it all out and they've been trying to do it for a hundred years now think of this Woodrow Wilson was a college professor he was new to politics he was kinda roped into it he becomes president and what does he want to do we want to change the constant constitution he does not want to eat around the corners or the edges he doesn't want to do that he wants fundamental transformation he lied he says put the hood up on the constitution the the declaration of independence is meaningless the constitution needs to be changed and so does our system of economy now his playbook really came from his main adviser who actually lived at the White House when this be weird if our president said Hey Steve Bannon now I want you to live here at the White House with me and Steve moved his stuff in and was living at the White House with a weird that's what that's seeds all in on that by the way they are you know he's happy about that I mean everybody would be up in arms and that who is this guy now living at the White House with the president well that's what Woodrow Wilson did with a guy named colonel house he wasn't a colonel it this is his main title that to everybody called him colonel house and he wrote a book called Phillip drew administrator and it was basically a way to in a novel form explain what Woodrow Wilson wanted to do and in it it talks about changing the constitution and has a whole new proposed constitution in it but listen just to a couple of things and tell me that this isn't Elizabeth Warren and most of the Democrats just the dedication to this book nineteen twelve this book is dedicated to the unhappy many who have lived and died lacking opportunity because in the starting the worldwide social structure was wrongly begun sense eight it's saying that the system that we have was wrong in the first place and it's oppressed people and now all these people are not experiencing any kind of fairness at all that's the dedication to this book that is the could be the dedication to almost all of their campaigns listen a couple of other things the question of taxation was one of the most complex problems with which the administrator had to deal with now what he's what what this story is about is there is a civil war in America if you think progressives don't want a civil war they don't want to divide and conquer read Phillip drew administrator this was the original progressive plan so there's a great civil war that happens in America because people are just you know the system's broken in and they're so much unfairness in inequality and everything else there's a great civil war and one of the heroes of the war is Phillip drew and he gets a metal and everybody loves him and his metal and just like him in his dog gets him in his metal goes to Washington and changes everything so he's talking about taxation here Phil drew he's the administrator he's not a president don't call me a president it's this is exactly what Hitler did so you know why was Hitler why was Hitler called the Fuehrer he was called the Fuhrer the leader in the same way he's called the administrator he's not good enough to be called the president he's not good enough to to take I'm trying to remember von what's his name Hindenburg number he wasn't good enough to take that title so he'll just take chancellor he'll just you know I hi I am I am more humble than that that's what Phil drew is doing here he saying I'm just going to be an administrator I don't need any fancy titles and he surrounds himself with some of this with taxes he gets a board of five to advise with him to carry out his very well defined ideas and plans I have a plan for everything so to fill a true very very well defined ideas but he puts these people together and on the board for taxes is a political economist a banker who's thought to be the ablest man of his profession a farmer who is very successful and a practical man the manufacturer and the congressman those are the people that get together and they know better than everyone else and they put this plan together and the administrator just goes ahead and and and puts it in because as it says Lehner upon is Susie assuming charge of the affairs of the Republic this is Philip drew the administrator this is Elizabeth Warren middle given this title now of being the administrator he had largely retain the judiciary as it was cutting you know as it was constituted at the time but he also made a few changes in the personnel of space for state and federal officials therefore as yet there had been no confusion in the public's business so in other words business went on he kept the Supreme Court any made some changes of the state and local level sure which in the by the way included changing state constitutions pretty much abolishing the states and he said everything seemed about as usual the military exception that there was no legislative bodies currently sitting anymore and that then they have the function of a law making was confined to one individual the administrator himself if you read this and you look at Woodrow Wilson and you look at Elizabeth Warren they're saying the same things and you got to remember this is not a dictator this is not a dictator this is just an administrator as somebody who's going to work with the smartest people around all of the most educated people around and they'll have a plan for everything and just give them the power to implement their plan for everything it is the height of arrogance is what scared the living daylights out of the American people with Woodrow Wilson Woodrow Wilson needed a war to do this but don't worry don't worry if we don't have a war is conventional thinking tells us we do have the war on climate change he is after.