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Like a very like constricting narrow platformer sort of like not akin to the very first three crash bandicoot like that whereas very constricting but the thing that made battle for bikini bottom special is because they are so opening it sorta do whatever you wanted and the controls are very like they felt like a crash bandicoot came almost i know that's the one game i played recently yesterday playing that new level that it was like this is what i know right now well it's the battle about what are they battling who's the story of spongebob squarepants battle for bahiti bottom is plankton you know he's up to his business as trying to get the secret formula for the the crabby patty and decides to make an army of robots to accomplish that somehow and at the very beginning i like the first cut seen he's got like a switch that says like the robots worked for me or they work against everybody and it somehow gets switched to the other thing and then the robots go insane and attack everybody so like plankton trouble and everybody's in trouble and then there's like the big boss fights for every sort of three worlds and then levels for each one and at the end of one they're like the big robot versions of spongebob patrick and plankton yeah it was really weird i don't know how they organize their like coordinated that wealth like hey we know these characters somehow and we're gonna create huge models of them in our robot forms so yeah bye bye evan gillian i see yes i love that you just gave a synopsis of spongebob ps two game to a room full of people thank you during all right well i think that's another my nonsense i believe we have someone else coming on which is casey fritos who will some games thank you very much casey.

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