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These signature outworked station, which is eighty five hundred. Dollars. That sounds a little bit more reasonable for what this is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You look at it is the exact same thing. I mean, this thing's got hydraulics, and it's it's just an insane desk. Right. So I'm like, there's no way that this thing is one hundred ninety nine dollars, which makes me think that if you send them one hundred ninety nine dollars one hundred ninety nine dollars to see what you get is off to the Ukraine, and you're never gonna see again. Yes. The upper laptop mount just for this chair costs more than the chair itself. From the instance camp exactly find offering. No, that's that's the great part about it. These guys just made a website and insta- or. Yeah. Cut instagram. Can't even think today. There's too many instance, we got instant pot. We got it. Yeah. So Instagram just let this ad through without doing any due diligence. And yet these people are getting just probably fleeced on this stuff. And if you go to the main site on fine offering in go to the hot sale, they're up to fifty four. Now who well. Yeah. So I'm sure these things are just just full-on scams. Although the wheel skates looked pretty crazy. You see these? I think you need to earn order the hurricane for wizard pet for and lint remover for your dogs to see what you actually get. There's another one here called finger Powell, which I mean, I know we talked about porn for and I'm not allowed to talk about it. But just the name alone finger pow. In the auto squeezing, toothpaste dispenser because squeezing your own toothpaste is just too damn hard. It sixty dollars. That one probably that one probably is a real thing and it retails for fourteen ninety nine, but they're they're just getting people with that desk for, you know, just insane amounts of money. So that would be my instant scam of the week now onto some real things that happen loop back to is out. If you're an audio guy, Luke back was one of those things that you just have to have in your tool kit and loop back to is out in it says audio routing simplified, and it's pretty pretty fantastic. You get a list of all your sources, and you can drag and drop inputs to other outputs and inputs, and you know, get all crazy with it. But opened up my settings that I had for Luke BAC one. When I first insult loop BAC to it. Unfortunately, for some reason all of the there's a there's a disclosure triangle that says advanced and under advances little check box that says mute source while recording. And I'm thinking. Why would we want to? Why would you wanna do that? And have it checked by default? Yeah. That was kind of a say what moment. But fortunately because I'm sitting there trying to do show yesterday with Jordan harbinger in. I'm like, oh, this isn't working, and I'm like, I see levels coming through. But I can't hear you. And he's like, oh, I know it this is because I went through this hell yesterday. So he went through he went through and figured it out. So I didn't have to and now you don't have to thanks to Jordan. But on a bunch of the sources if you're coming in with Luke BAC one presets Shang, though sources and just go to options, and it says win capturing that's it not when recording but mutant capturing got into. But it's really cool. It's it's if you already own loop back it is well worth the fifty dollar update. And if you don't own loop back in Europe podcast or do any kind of audio routing? This thing is baller. It is. So great. It is just you just things you can't do without it. Now this next one is a video game it which makes me kind of happy. I I used to you know, live mortal combat. Friend of the show AmEx emission, exactly friend of the show v introduced me to mortal Kombat one and then a week later, mortal Kombat to came out, and I can't tell you how many years of my life was spent playing mortal Kombat to to the.

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