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Neither of them holds candle to auto graham and when you talk about best cleveland browns ever <hes> you talk about jim brown. You should also talk about auto graham in that same sentence. <hes> recently announced that the cleveland browns are going to build a statue for auto graham outside of their stadium. Now let me talk to you about cleveland and statues choose jim thome. He has a statue at aggravated. A lot of indians fans that <hes> he wanted before larry doby the da the man who crossed the color barrier in the american eric lee july fifth nineteen forty seven <hes> bob feller has a statue. That's well deserved out. Graham should have a statue and jesse. Owens has a statue in downtown cleveland between city hall and first energy stadium where the browns play <hes> also deserving of a lot more recognition than they get risk speaker. What are the best hitters all time late for the audience in the deadball era addie joss. Perhaps one of the best pitchers of all time at least e._r._a. Wise he he kept runs from scoring which is the entire idea world. The world be free deserves some recognition for the cavaliers perhaps more so than guys that after numbers in the rafters after like nate thurmond who barely played for the cavaliers bingo smith and austin carr. Maybe mark price larry nance. Brad daugherty are a little bit suspect as well. It will all be straightened out once bron james number twenty three goes in the rafters but we'll be freeze number twenty one blogs there as well. They should let me ramble able about cleveland sports for an hour. Gonna get outta here before i get into too much trouble plight..

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