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Our minimum wage is concerned piece of shit. And i think that you need to reevaluate why. You're so comfortable with keeping people in a place to they can't make a living wage and to be honest fifteen dollars. Minimum wage is questionable to know depending on where you live I just think that's really shitty. I also think that the whole war on like what jobs are more important than other jobs is stupid to me. I've never worked fast food. I've definitely worked retail. People are shitty in retail on. I know for macular shooting food. People are shooting in regular restaurants. Sit down restaurants should he. Just general people are shit and so anytime you have to deal with. People is a great amount of stuff that comes with that I know somebody who i guess. There was a viral tweet from someone who is like an image amazon warehouse. Packer like box packer. Who said you know. I make sixteen dollars an hour. I'll be damned if somebody you know who flip burgers is making damn near close to what i make. I do skilled work and now people are saying you know packing boxes as unskilled work and people are saying you know oh flipping. Burgers isn't skilled work. I personally think that both are you know like i. It just is what it is. And i think you're just a person if he say that. Fast food workers don't deserve that. Because i think i really had a long first of all negative arguing about this on twitter for the entire weekend every time i scrolled somebody. 'cause you know biden just came out with his economic relief plan enough why. This is such a big topic again. Right team dollars is not anywhere near its just misdirected anger. Think everyone's like. Oh you know teachers in texas only make early three thousand dollars okay. Will they need to raise to bitch. Still understand the disconnect. It's just weird because then it's like people who make two thousand dollars every second because they're just taking up. Their profit is billionaires or whatever because of other types of labor is just if mental gymnastics to me. I it's definitely like crabs in a barrel mentality like we should be lifting each other. All up in what they're doing at the top is working people at the bottom spiting with each other when we should really be looking at people at the top And i just think that you know you're somebody who thinks that probably shouldn't be getting fast food like i know you're the type of person who goes at fast food and gives them a hard time. You know what i'm saying. That's not looking because they don't get paid enough for that so yeah i just wanted to express my thoughts on that. A beep muslims. He said that apple from that is that is regular people arguing about something that they don't even older control.

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