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Football all you we start with right university is not going to be able to use former athletes you know what i'm saying use their images the likeness at an example easy charles woodson now did michigan is doing that but using charles woodson in oh to let let kids know that we we we wear nike year or are you know cocacola's our favorite drink you put his put his haisman pose that he that he daddy's done something like that you can't use debt unless you ask that may or or you will you compensate him in any way you know you're still be able to do it is going to break brew right your permission that's all that's all christian science whom booth lease let me okay it and then as which imaging only use how you're going to use so then what's in for her great exactly i'm sure this is this kid is the well i don't mean the call kid this this this this man in chris spillman is missed oh state i mean he with their captain there did all kinds of things i'll deke wants to sue of university on his own on merit but he also wants to control his image to and how they're used toughening and wants to be compensated for the we're debt that roe were day university uk just use a you don't own debt young maids in perpetuity right on the on the number them in jersey he will he was exactly right well we like to help our former players in two different things would our former players and encourage them and what they're doing and.

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