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Who is also being them policy decisions for example for a while the upa government were raising what the caller support price a every year quite steeply a which was driving inflation the support prices basically a guarantee price for the farmers which often builds amount when prices are low and the bjp government ethic has not push that lever as much but that was a way to guarantee farmers a higher income and once you stop the liver of course the farmers don't have in as higher price and so is the bottom line here that india's farming population has just unsustainable there are too many people trying to cope and make a living on the land which which went support them given food prices i think at least at a reasonable level of income that surely true is a separate question w what was exactly the alternative soi would say the way to think about it is that we have to make them sustainable even if they're plots of land a small we just have to raise productivity and provide better infrastructure better farming strategies better seeds given that manufacturing employment isn't growing and most employment is not fast enough you can't just announced that farming is no longer sustainable it's it's what's left professor average it benerjee let's just about eight for today tomorrowjustinrolette will be here with the latest in his series of hormone programs this one giving you a pounding heart and butterflies in your stomach sounds like most business daily's ira finale for me and the rest of the team here.

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