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The standard and by that he meant a the standard one would expect of a prime minister each war on his free to criticise and say whatever they feel and it's okay okay but at the same time what you imply that may be the coalition is going to be unstable i don't see it going that far the coalition is very stadion very stable and i'm sure we'll continue in finnish shortterm you going to the prime minister him so foods perhaps a vulnerable mao to pressures from within that coalition with these a police recommendation the charges against him well and you know the investigation has been going through for the past two and a half years for two and a half years obviously it's a former bowl situation but at the same time he had a worked as the prime minister of israel and we soon we see a lot of the results that he brought not just in the diplomatic in the foreign relations fair but also in israel's economical sphere an economy we see the growth we see the security and our security needs are being mets are quite highly n so with all this pressure he's still functioning as one of the best prime minister of israel certificates this was we're going to blow wavered you will i certainly believe the prime minister when he says that these things never happen and he doesn't have anything to incriminate him because he hasn't done anything and i certainly believe the prime minister when he says that what you see in front of his eyes first of all is the future of israel but harm gus grissom haskell a a member of the key bessette from benjamin netanyahu's likud party.

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