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Let's dive into our predictions for I guess we'll do predictions and then matches them predictions and matches will go in order here. . So <hes> first match. . We both got right. . Yep Yep whoop do. . We knew that team B M was not up to the task against Wgn Phoenix, , and that's what happened. . W just think took the three one against them I. . Actually yet the three one which is actually kind of surprising because. . <hes>. . Outside of an absolute banger that will talk about a little bit later this was the only other one that didn't go three Oh. . Team. . VM being able to squeak out that one map made it interesting for all of seven minutes and then. . wgn Phoenix was like Nah. . We're <HES>. . We're. . Shutting you down. . Yep and that one map was Lee. . Shang where we saw Sung Chan gets <hes> some key hacks onto as tax on the. . Road at least twice I think. . You kinda tried his best to. . Negate as tech but as we talk about here in the next couple of matches. . Stack is shown to be really solid like you had like I think one match that we watched last week or two weeks ago where I felt when it was from. . But like there was some issues dying on Bussan but beyond that, , especially in these playoffs matches really leveled up. . So that team tried their best to try to counter him and they did on the first map but beyond that w kind of took off and really the only other thing that I noticed outside of that. . They were playing real chaotic, , not super super structured. . Just looked discombobulated, , and then you get over to a new business and protect literally holds onto his grab for like foil. . Yes and it's like there was there was a bunch of times where he could have used it. . Either defensively to save some of his teammates and extend the team fight or initiate with an potentially win team fight and Nope, , he just sat on it and then when he did use it, he , threw it to lake. . Horizon Lunar Colony I think because it just went nowhere got nothing and then they just got absolutely destroyed. . Yup Listen to Wayne Gretzky protect you miss one hundred percent of the grabs you don't take so. . You just gotTa. . Do It man you just got? ? To. . It's also a Hawker reference or an office reference depending on what <hes> what realm of the world you're in. . The other thing too is like every minute that you're not using a graph building. . You're not building graph and like if you hold a grab for like three minutes, , you could've used a grab that it was like okay and then had another grab by basically the same time <hes>. . So. . Yeah it's it's tough and like if you don't have the opportunity to use a grab at all because they're diva is constantly all over you and you don't have the counterplay or they're playing way to spread, , then you probably should go on something else. . That's better. . Pick anyways and use the grab throwaway goldfish swimming dvr, , go switch Sigmar anything else. . There there's been a lot of issues that we're seeing a lot of the losing teams. . They're. . They're just like kind of shooting themselves in the foot with like playing what they should be. . On the other side man wgn. . Phoenix Lake after watching this match. . I got really high on this tangle. . Especially, , ABC Z. Bag has been. . Okay. . But Gables specially was. . Studer Pitt where you saw pack jump up, , get damage onto. . The Echo over the ACA was even. . On. . Haven, yeah , <hes>. . then. . He drops down back behind the cover again, , and then you saw gable see right behind him come up boost up finish off the damage and then go back and then Win So comes up to resum they both dive a again and kill him as well. . They open it up with two free kills and literally just roll beyond that. . So I think that like one of the things especially it's been the tank line coordination for this team. . In another team, , we'll talk about later. . Like it really sets these teams up apart like with the DP s with the one diver as well with the tanks in the one dive deep. Yes . as well like. . If, , you have three people hive minded together you you will find success in grin contenders. . And then another name on wgn that you're going to hear. . US Talk. . A lot absolute tyrant about is ace. . When ace is on? ? The Sambre. . Do builds EMP's insanely quick. . But then on a newbies, , they push team B.. . M. Back to the spawn. . And then they're like, , you know what we got like a minute and a half left we're just going to go sit in front of the spun. . And s just sits behind him and mainly heck's the supports like one clip supports drops an EMP. . Like gets half of the team just absolutely bullying the back line of Team B, , m on a newness and. . Team B. M. had no response to ACE's play when he was running the sombre. . and. . It's super unfortunate that like he's only played this one pick at least what I've seen so far Inoke s on the hog. . So good is unmatched in cream contenders I think I, , think he might. . Only, , backed by MAG. . But we'll see about that. . Hit like he just every time like he forces other people to not play against him because he will just out a out mechanics them out strategy them and like just knows how to play better gets incredible. . Pickoffs <hes> especially on Havana you saw him on the hog and Gable soon, , the sigma they full hold team b. m., , there as well <hes>. . So, , like this tank line. . Alternating CPAC and iino cast depending on whether or not. . They're gonNA play the Winston saw shrine oranges run the Road Hog quite often because I think this was still on the playoff patch or like the wwl. . Finals Patch. . It'll. . It's as strong three players on that team like they. . Really. . Really benefited from there, , <hes> strong line here and gables the again like we talked about his diva being incredible signals also incredible as well during the scrappy last minute fights where there was a chance that team b. m. was going to be able to. . Squeak out the first point actually cap it. . <hes> he just stayed alive sustained had some good old good rocks <hes>. . Just good play and I think got like a couple of kills here there's also. . You're going to start seeing a couple of these names come up next week when we talk not only about <hes>. . Plants and stuff like that but also on recommended. . Pickups for teams in the off season because. . Couple of teams might be going full Korean here and. . There's a lot of new blood that's rear and to get some Odell time in. . So I'm excited to see that I actually can't wait to talk about that team that I think is going full Korean 'cause. . It's GONNA be interesting to try to put together. . A bunch of players out of Korean contenders to slot into that team or and see how close we can get to actually hitting the. . <hes> the mark on how many people get pulled from creon contenders.

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