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But could you present a case in a courtroom that would allow Trevor Lawrence to go to the NFL early? No, it would never get through courtroom. Maurice? Chlorine was the last one to try this. This is all sort of federation. I trust law there. There's a it's it's from the collective bargaining agreement. This issue was collectively bargained between the players association, and and the NFL. So it's a it's a special exception to federal antitrust law. And so you what's always been really interesting to meet, Dan is sort of this idea that people say, well, you know, you can go pro in the NBA outta high school because you know, players physically can do it. They can't do it the NFL they'd get killed. Well, that's first of all not the reason that there's three year rule years and years ago back when the NFL was just getting started the NC double A put in a rule that if you worked in any capacity and professional sports, you were no longer eligible to work in college sports. So if you were official in you rest a game in professionally you could no longer work in college. Dj if you were, you know, an administering anything coach and worked professionally you could no longer work in college. So the NFL basically came to the NC double A, which was ten twenty times bigger knee NFL was a fledgling league the NFL at the time. They came on Bendini and said, listen, don't do this. You'll kill us. We'll never get off the ground will leave your players alone until they graduate. How about that? And that's where the four-year-old came in. Now. You know, why it's three now. No. The US F L in nineteen eighty four. The USFL started drafting juniors and they were taking the NFL's talent away. And so the NFL had a really couldn't breath until the Bill for years till they graduate. And so that's when the NFL changed the rule, and like I heard you guys talking about foreign Tiki, right? If the NFL had the opportunity, I think it'd be just a basketball if the NFL had the opportunity to draft good talent when it was younger. They do it just to get it. If you could draft Trevor Lawrence right now, you'd wait on them because he he'd be worth it given given Bryant's of that the NFL has on quarterback clay. And so you'd have the same thing now. And I heard that Chris Hackett birthing you'd make mistakes NFL makes plenty of mistakes in the draft. They make just as many mistakes as the NBA does. And they have five years to look at these players. It's not an exact science in any sports. But but that's all that's all the the the draft eligibility. Rules, are it's three years because of a historic precedent. But that has lasted and. That started at for and went to three because of USFL, and it was all business that nothing to do with whether they could compete or west fair. What's American-run American nothing to do with that basketball is a totally different history. And that's why they're rule is totally different. But David Robinson get paid. When he was drafted nineteen eighty-seven. I believe he sat for two years was he getting paid by the Spurs. I don't I don't know. Because he was he was in the navy at the time. So there were no amateurs of issues there. So I don't know the answer to that. I do know that the rules were different than seventy nine seventy eight one when when Red Auerbach's drafted Larry Bird when he was a junior nineteen seventy eight there. Nobody had thought of that more. And there was no rule expensive. So Larry Bird did not get any money. They just held his nineteen seventy nine with us the senior he didn't get any money. There was nothing put in trust. It was just it was just Boston held his rights and people there were some criticism of Red Auerbach at the time saying that what are you doing? I mean, you're wasting a whole year. And he basically said, you know, little time of year is when you're talking about a great player. He's this is gonna this is gonna benefit. And that's when when Larry Bird came in and read our back outsmart at the system, the NBA changed the rule that.

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