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Want the right to carry weapons I wish would be energy independent Sean Hannity I wish I didn't have this awareness heaving history I wish the World War this wonderful great place and we don't offend anybody will all get along I wish that were the case doing this every day I do we get afternoons three to six on talk radio six eighty W. CDM black Hebrew Israelites they were involved in the the Covington Catholic kerfuffle down at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial when the media declared next Sam man to be a racist monster for standing still as the chain smoking tend to lead challenged noble native American elder they always referred to him and Vietnam veteran even though he was not a Vietnam veteran he claimed to be Vietnam better never served in Vietnam it was painted as a hero and then the bus decided to use in journalism and land like a week later like all crap everything we reported about this guy was a lie because they're lazy and it fits the narrative well the the black Hebrew Israelites were the guys down there who were yelling at the Catholic Covington kids at their racist in this that never yelling at everybody they hate everybody who isn't them black white doesn't matter but they they really hate Whitey the shooting up in Jersey city was carried out by somebody's so she added with a black Hebrew Israelites and before that was known in this is a this is a typical of the left before it was known democratic congresswoman Rasheeda to leave Democrat of Michigan she represents the district I grew up in I'm glad I got out of course and I went moved to Elijah Cummings different so what do I know the Washington free beacon writes her she had to leave blame the white supremacy Thursday for a mass killing in New Jersey carried out by two black assailants one of whom had ties to a national taker of the black Hebrew Israelites the labeling to retreat from if not now naming the three victims of Wednesday's rampage and Jersey city to a whole more orthodox Jews she wrote quote this is heartbreaking white supremacy kills to leave who represents a majority African American district in Detroit deleted her tweets after respondents pointed out the race of the suspects she didn't send any follow up pre technology her air condemning the perpetrators or expressing condolences to the victims she cared deeply about it when she thought man evil Whitey went and did it again and then she was pointed out no no no it did with this actually black people as black Hebrew Israelites and well then I don't even care I didn't wait yeah whatever no sympathy for the victims this is progressive politics you look different than me I don't I don't care about you now keeping you connected with the latest news this is talk radio six eighty W. CBM and W. C. B. M. dot com good morning it's eleven thirty on Michael fill a valley in the six eighty W. C. B. Amerila news center with the headlines making news this hour Baltimore city police will be getting new radios but the board of estimates approval yesterday wasn't without controversy two members of stain from the vote citing the inspector general's on going investigation of J. P. grant his company is handling the radios purchase grand contributed to former mayor Catherine peace campaign who's facing fraud and tax evasion charges and on the county's executive wants to replace an income flat tax with a progressive tax claiming it's not about tax hikes or tax cuts but about tax fairness Republican councilman Nathan Volk said there's already a progressive nature built into our income tax if you make less you pay less if you make more you pay more this is just another way for the Democrat county executive to generate more revenue the Baltimore city health department reporting an increase in the number of cases of lead poisoning in twenty eighteen the persistent problem jumped last year to one hundred fifty eight reported cases an increase of ninety nine from twenty seventeen the statistics were shared during a health department committee meeting Baltimore county police fairly confident the body found wrapped in tarpon a beaver dam road recycling plant Tuesday was a murder victim it's unclear where the body came from because cease on hard for counties also use the facility W. CBN news time eleven thirty one we'll have a brief.

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