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W nyc received support from cara more into town in new york presenting jazz festival in collaboration with jazz at lincoln center on july twenty third with chick korea trio featuring chick christian mcbride and brian played and more tickets i care more dot org that charles h reps in foundation because a great city needs in informed and engaged public more information at reps and foundation dot org you value the program's you hear on w nyc that's why you're listening right now so we're thousands of others people who at learn about your business on our air learn more about corporate sponsorships at www nyc dot org slash sponsor last night the republican convention wisconsin governor scott walker was a team player vote for anyone other than donald trump in november is out four he's however refused to endorse the parties nominee and the crowd let him have it nate from the last word joined of the nyc at seven as friendlier kicks off our live coverage after speeches share your reactions with a takeaway election twenty sixteen on w nyc hi this is the rain vinegar paul and sitting in for leonard may today six here's the margin of tennis is one of the most challenging and controversial plays for modern audiences central characters shy lock is a jewish money mentor he's at once a victim of anti semitic abuse and in tolerance and was beaten england a vengeful credit for an overbearing dad to his daughter jessica jonathan price's received many awards for stage and screen roles including two tony's and and i lydia award for best actress stars of sidewalk in a new touring production which sits peers clip theatre the margin of ennis is now at lincoln centers roasted hitter through sunday and i'm very pleased that is brought jonathan price back to our sell high color so this isn't your first base your production.

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