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And at mentioned attracting a chris but doesn't that use the butter on the topping use oil use need snag cooking oil you okay i've tried coconut oil but then it gives it a really strong coconut flavor in view which may work on some things but in other pies at this royle the problem is it'll bake up like a short brighter a cookie italy ferry paris not going to be flaky or you can use a graham cracker stock crust i guess you'd use oil instead of butter bow tie into packer already has utter injured definite yeah you have to get a vegan graham cracker and i'm sure there are some anyway tried the egg replaces but i would definitely go with a cookbook and i would start with someone you know who's done baking books because they've already done a whole trial and error situation that's what yeah yeah okay thank you thank you bye mm you're listening to military radio on your host christopher kimbell coming up next by conversation with joint chang she's founder of boston's flower bakery also cohen her of the restaurant myers and czech after the break this is mostly radio i'm christopher kimbell many years ago join chang call to ask me about opening a bakery in boston's south and i gave her and enthusiastic thumbs up not because i thought it was necessarily good business idea but because i personally wanted to could bakery nearby so i could buy doughnuts cookies quashed saw and coffee joann opened in are pretty tough neighborhood she lived above the store but she made such a success of flour that she opened many more in the years to follow she also open an asian restaurant with her husband christopher myers called meyerson chang her latest cookbook is myers in chiang at home and it was just published join are you i'm great to see you nice to see you we met on the phone in 1999 i was living in the south end of boston a whisker square you called me and said should i opened a flower bakery in washington street in i remember what i said i was very enthusiasts his secret.

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