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Running energy supply a bulb as a judge appointed a special administrator Bloomberg's Hanna George has the story The treasury will put up working capital to temporarily take on the costs of absorbing bulbs 1.7 million customers in the biggest casualty of the energy crisis as soaring power costs in the UK have seen 20 other supplies collapse Bulbs administrator teneo estimated that the cost of running bulb through April next year will be about 2.1 billion pounds The firm's parent company said bob was now insolvent with just 8 and a half million in cash The UK business secretary quasi quarta said the special administrator regime is a temporary arrangement that will keep bills at the lowest cost while ensuring market stability In London I'm Hannah George Bloomberg daybreak Europe Meanwhile simultaneous post Brexit negotiations Britain will keep talking to the EU over Northern Ireland because the government believes that progress is being made public you and pots has the story Bloomberg has learned that Britain will hold off from suspending parts of the Brexit divorce deal relating to northern for as long as talks with the EU remain constructive Its latest sign that a further breakdown in post Brexit relations with the bloc is not imminent We're told the government still considers the trade problems in the region justify suspending the accord but for now it prefers a negotiated settlement The UK is pushing for a significant overhaul of the northern il protocol while Europe is offering concessions within the framework of the existing deal in London Amiens Europe JPMorgan started doing damage control as soon as Jamie Dimon joked that America's largest bank would outlast China's Communist Party Diamond later apologized We get more from Bloomberg's Charlie pellet Diamond is no stranger to brashness and he knew the bank would have to engineer a hasty retreat soon members of the firm's government relations team and China offices were corralled to discuss the remarks and decide whether to acknowledge them or let them lie Some 18 hours later when it became clear that the comments attracted global attention diamond issued a statement of regret In New York Charlie pellet Bloomberg daybreak Europe And those are a few of our top stories this morning Let's get over to Bloomberg's land.

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