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So last night I played to a club events audio Gucci Edison the U. N. saying that they wanted to the answer to covert nineteen will be a world government literally everybody should pay ten percent of the GDP to make this world government work so we can help other people redistribute the wealth both for climate change and for Copa ninety now we all know that we only want a world government we know but it we've talked about this but what about the idea of a one world religion and so when you when you see the most important clerics from Catholicism to Islam you know making a document that basically talks for an ecumenical argument at yeah I would say that would be a sign that the world was preparing for the end or United imperial cult or whatever so according to the book of the apocalypse United imperial cold or this call to the anti Christ or whatever it's supposed be ruled by a committee of disciples that answer to the anti Christ now it could be theorize that as band becomes more and more used to a global consciousness in the globalist dream of world unity as well as the ecumenical movement breaching Dr berries for the sake of religious unity it becomes entirely likely this avatar this beast this anti crisis falls profit is going to assume power in a very subtle way that is the temp to unite the world under one fifth the recognition of a new god that unites in purpose in fact it could be said that the world is already being prime Ford the plague of the corona virus crippling both the stately church what comes next could be the establishment of a new order with a world government and then an ecumenical council of world religious leaders but back in neutral equalizing leaders officiates as a figure head and not one that speaks for god or uses with him on behalf of Christ or defender of the faith but speaks as a leader of a faith not a particular faith but a leader of all three right so get all this April second it was reported that pope Francis in a surprise move voluntarily dropped his historic in a central tire title of the vicar of Christ from the twenty twenty pontifical yearbook once again pope Francis voluntarily dropped his historic and essential title is the vicar of Christ from the twenty twenty pontifical yearbook which is the holy see's annual directory relegating the title to a footnote saying it's just a historical type so a previous your books listed post for the title of the vicar of Christ in the name of the reigning pope under the title this year's annual directory simply list the name Jorge Mario Bergoglio the name of the man who became pope Francis in twenty thirteen so instead of saying pope Francis vicar of Christ did says Jorge Mario Bergoglio distinguished himself as pope Francis he sees himself according to what I've been reading isn't archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has said it is because France is now sees himself as a master of the church and not the vicar of Christ so you're saying this is dangerous because he believes as a or acting as a master of the church rather than a server of the church he can destroy the church for within this is what this is what they're gonna say he said instead this is quote instead it seems possible to see it is the admission pass over in silence of a sort of usurpation whereby it is not the service serve warm day he served in the service of god reigns but the person of Jorge Mario Bergoglio who is officially disavowed being the vicar of Christ the successor of the prince of the apostles and the supreme pontiff as if they were annoying trappings of the past only mere historical titles he said so he believes but France is making the vicar of Christ a footnote is certainly an indication that he does not embrace the bonds the responsibilities of the papacy in this charges in the layout and content official tax the Catholic Church and it can't be ignored nor is it possible to attribute it to a gesture of humility on the part of pope Francis which is not in keeping with his name being so prominently features featured in it is being called and almost defiant gesture in which pope Francis transcends every title if he is given or worse is back to officially alter the papacy by which he no longer recognizes himself as a guardian but becomes master of the church I understand I'm saying he's now the master not the not the vicar of Christ not speaking on behalf of for Christ or what have you nor is he some champion apostle or follower whatever success of the prince of the apostles of the spring bonnet no he's master of the church so this kind of you know makes you wonder is it amazes me that the pope is announces Thailand is is.

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