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Blood pressure drops you lose weight you feel better the only issue is that we all grew up with completely other unhealthy diet so it takes a little a little getting used to just but it's not it's not hard it's people just i have to ask because if your program was three times more effective than the dietary guidelines from the diabetes association have they adopted this particular diet and if so the diet itself i mean is this a hard to stick to diet to me at least okay great great question you can't your question yes to the credit of the american diabetes association first of all they they they were the first ones to publish the research from this particular study the two thousand six study i mentioned was published by the american diabetes association in their premier clinical journal twelve years ago and i presented at their conference and so forth and in fact one of my researchers presenting their next week again so so they've been very supportive they're pretty openminded though they talked about many different dietary approaches and the plant based i've described as is one of many that they accept having said that is by far the best but you ask you good question is like can i do it is it hard i don't think anybody in this room could pull it off to be honest with you i'm very curious because if it works that well for somebody with diabetes then it should have the same effect on a relatively healthy individual can do it and and the reason i say that we have.

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