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For New York Yankees baseball, which is W F A A, and I don't think you need to dig all that deep. Let's set out the ocean side. It's Jeff. It's the fan. What's going on, Jeff? Jeffrey. How you doing? Good, buddy. How are you? All right, with a couple of points with the Mets, and then RIA one quick point, the NFL Ah, D s. You got to give it to him. I don't care. I know. You think you can treat him whateveryou and all seriousness. He can never pitch again. I saw it last year. You can't do it again. There's only if you complete this season unfortunate which now I think it's an apple. With us with called knows having cases now. Every game is almost three. He can't pitch again. He just can't write unless it's mop up duty, which I mentioned right 71 game. Either way, you want to throw it, but that's the wrong spot. No, I get it. But I understand. I don't think when you if I don't think Edwin Diaz is going to be a guy that gets demoted here. I don't I don't think that what happened? Because I because the general manager's too invested in him Now the problem you have here for the Mets is OK, so you've got a starting rotation depth issue. Now you look at the bull pen. And if what I was told to write last night is true. And they're easing Betances in here. So how long is that easing in process going to take for Betances? Because as we sit here, right now, you got three relievers you trust You got Wilson, who got used a little bit too much too early. You've got luego and you've got familiar amazingly enough back from the dead is familiar, but he's actually looked pretty good coming out of the bullpen. Yeah, then less and then also asked with Ah, Rhoda, you gotta put Dominick Smith off a heaviness. That was a major. I'm swimming in my TV with Dominic Smith. I don't disagree. Good point. I didn't bring it up in the open. But that is ah, fantastic point and there is a love affair that rollout size here with Jimenez. He basically is in every single game. Right And then with the NFL, they gotta change their schedule. If you're not going to bubble like the NHL in the MBA have done, you have to try what baseball is doing now, with the two leagues to conferences in football case east, Central, Central West West You can't have the Jets going from New York to California three different times in this season. You got a what are they thinking? You know, Jeff, The problem is they waste a lot of time here. They waste a lot of time and last the last person I checked in with asking about that, they said they really have no plans of doing that. Not gonna work. You have seen You can't have teams crisscrossing the country. No, I get it and you're right for Major League baseball here. Here's the problem. Major League Baseball hat, You can have health and safety protocols suggestions. Right. You got your nobles, and there's gotta be Balan. It'd always baseball tried something but regionalize ing it know how you get that? That's fair, and you could be critical. But here's the problem. You have Jeff as well. You could be critical the schedule and you're right. Crisscross traveling run the schedule. Same as usual. You could also look and say, Well, how the hell you going to play football with dealing with covert 19 will the fact that there is no social distancing in football? I don't think you can play anyway. But if you think you're going to be under the impression that you can play, you got to say, how do we minimize The best we can. You've got to stay east Place East West Place West End Central police Central. So we had somewhat of a mini bubble. You can't have people going from New York to California three different times, Jeff. Thanks a lot for the Colts fair. I mean, it is fair. You know, I think the whole No, we, Maggie and I have one point in time kicked around the idea we had Floreal on about, you know, an NFL bubble. You know, I think it's just too much You want to say you want to create a three or four city bubble. Too much time is wasted, though. We've wasted too much time they really did and the lack of vision instead of being proactive instead of being reactive, and the National Football League might get caught here with their pants down because they were not proactive enough. And it's fair to be critical because we all want football back in the fall. We all want football back in the fall, and you're seeing stories here on the college campus down to Rutgers, which is a terrible story where they had, you know, a covert 19 outbreak on their team, I think was a tad under 20 players because they all attended a party. You think about that? What do we gotta be responsible here? That'd be responsible. Like I mentioned I was told of one particular. I'm not name the college of the player, but I was told this is going back. Maybe 56 weeks ago now where they had a player that tested positive was on campus. They told himself Quarantine and basically, they found him roaming around campus. Send him home. Take out the Branchburg, New Jersey. It's markets. The family's going on mark a moose just talking about that I would want to say I'm all missed talking to you a Rutgers game this year because you've always been a gentleman when I've come up to yourself. No, Miss you there, Mark. I agree with you. It's not going to feel the same. I know there's going to be what they're gonna allow. Hopefully, there's Rutgers football in the fall. Hopefully, there's college football, but only 500 people in attendance and it's going to be Teo. You know, family members of the players and coaches and stuff like that. So yeah, it's it's going to be certainly. Ah. A different scene for Greg Schiano era to point out Michael Conforto. This guy drives me bananas. I mean, all the D s thing. I agree with that, But if he gets a fly ball and they're hopefully Betances pitch in the ninth inning Wednesday, had the bases loaded. Nobody out. He strikes out last night, He gets up their first concert and strikes out. Can you hit a ball to center field to get the running, agrees. It's time. I mean, Mark, you have every right to be critical of Conforto. He's too good of a player and too good of a hitter to come up this empty and big time spots. Now, listen, I get it. It's only Game six in Game seven of the season, but back to back nights with ducks on the pond, you strike out looking, and then you strike out swinging, and you can't even make contact. That's not good. I mean, that's not good enough. I'm sorry. If you want to be a big time player in this league, you got to come through at least one of those moments. Exactly. Thanks, Mark. You've got a mark. Appreciate the call Westchester Norm. It's the fan. What's going on Norm? Love your show. Thank you, brother. I agree with everybody else. We have to be of a Diaz. It's time it's been long overdue. It's just getting.

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