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Is big Jo Jo well the noise has been pretty loud if you're a Colorado Rockies fan with what's happened with Nolan arenado Brady turns out Jen a managing the rocky saying trade talk is offer Nolan Ben Nolin speaks and obviously Nolan not very happy about how everything has transpired so far as saying he's been disrespected Thomas Harding by the way from M. L. B. dot com who broke some of the I or not comments can be joining is coming up at three forty four be listening for that but our poll question for today we'll Nolan arenado be on the Rockies opening day roster yes or no what do you think big al I say no what I say no because that's what's supposed to happen you know when a player says he wants out is your duty and your obligation to get him out so unless you want it unless you want a disgruntled athlete who could be responsible for ruining your locker room get him out of there wow you know I mean apparently yeah I can't wait to talk to Tom was men like you said he broke the story but now just reading through the comments earlier today you know there are a lot of things that are moving about this organization that what that Nolan thought was gonna happen that didn't happen that may have triggered a an emotional response from him and I don't think that's going to stop you know you know the one thing that I do remember about no and are not and his conversations over the years was a striking thing that he say it about Todd Helton he said that he did not want to be the Todd Helton the next Todd Helton for the Colorado Rockies meaning a great player that stuck here and got paid a fair sum of money to be the first baseman here but never really I had overall success as a teen yeah we have some moments absolutely where we had a a playoff runs but in general I just remember known are not saying that he did not want to do that it feels like it leads to me from his viewpoint it feels like we're going back to just that you might be right to Iran one of the early results of the poll question fifty six percent agree with Alfred and they think that knowing or not it will not be on the Rockies open roster forty four percent say yes oh my god that is catastrophe vote on our Twitter V. K. we Colorado on Twitter or text line of five six six nine now castrati joke out of town a joke all the time about this but I'm gonna say it until something different happens doesn't matter if Nolan are not all is on this team on that Colorado Rockies fans are going to go to the game because that's what we do the weather is nice we got to go to the ballpark we want to see a winner but if the winners don't show up we're still going we're still going to the games because it is a beautiful environment in in the middle of the summer when every place else is is done for you can still enjoy a night game out there with a light sweater and have a great time at the Rockies game and so I I I mean this is just got upset that but I've I've I've listened dodo I've set this war on air for well over fifteen years and I've been right every single year about this it's still going to be sold out on opening day whether or not he's on the roster will adjust to the new player is gonna be in those positions and away we go hi let's get to our top training stories and obviously the Superbowl is top of mine around America they're saying Superbowl tickets could be the most expensive in history when the kids city chiefs play the San Francisco forty Niners and Miami ticket resale prices on seats geek who even knew there was a C. K. seek geek and I like to get.

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