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Been to identify and use monies that became available to help those businesses get reestablished there was some city funds state funds various foundations that provided monies but for some businesses on commercial avenue. The damage was just too heavy. Fill shoe store and nearby cities sports have closed permanently. The looting and the follow-up problems related to covid have really caused a very big setback. Our vacancy rate is is around forty percent now. So it's it's jumped up by about seventy percent. One retailer that has reopened is hair world. A beauty supply store whose owner richard. Ken has been business in south chicago. Since the nineteen eighty s. Kim says he lost almost five hundred thousand dollars in merchandise and damages this summer in six months later. He's still angry at inaction. From the city we call the city including a nine hundred eleven. Then they say like oh. I'm sorry we have a number two for you all the nine hundred game. I'm sorry we can't. We have nothing to nothing for you. We pay the property tax. We pay the sales tax. We pay the corporation tax income test. All my taxable savant. I lost almost let go with the dies and the searchers damaging over like five hundred thousand dollars. They made my whole my last thirty airport. It's gone within a couple of hours over the past few months. Kim considered closing his store for good amidst the added pressures of operating during the pandemic but like the dispensary and the majority of the other businesses on commercial avenue. He's not ready to give up quite yet. This is the only thing i know. I put all my whole younger life and the commercial revenue as a beauty supply owner. This is the only thing. I know. I cannot go nowhere for chicago tonight. I'm quinn myers and next in our series will visit inglewood also on the south side. We'll check in with businesses as well as neighborhood organizers working to transform one intersection into a sustainable community run development and resource center still to come on chicago tonight world business chicago. Ceo andrea op is stepping down. Where she's off to next and other business news from cranes president trump could pardon family members and close allies on his way out of office and the fall out that might create gathering for the winter. Holidays isn't possible for many people. So faith groups are bringing their services to the small screen's and i'm so inspirational they say to other people. Thank you up. And they try and the inspiring story of champion archer bet peyton and how she never gave up despite health obstacles but i some more of today's top stories illinois..

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