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Consta- lead the Justice department. Fox's Rachel Sutherland joins us live from Washington. Rachel William Barr told the Senate Judiciary committee, he wants to be as transparent as possible about the Russia probe and let it reach its conclusion ranking member Dianne Feinstein will you commit to providing Mr. Muller with the resources funds and time needed to complete this investigation. Yes. Republican chairman Lindsey Graham, do you believe Mr. Muller would be involved in which against anybody? I don't I don't believe. Mr. Muller would would be involved in a witch-hunt bar? Also defended a memo critical of Robert Muller last summer saying it was narrow in scope and written on his own initiative rich, Rachel the Trump administration's plan to include a citizenship question in the twenty twenty cents is has been blocked by federal judge in New York. The Commerce Department wanted to add the question which hasn't appeared on census form since nineteen. Fifty President Trump is bypassing democratic leadership by inviting rank and file members to the White House to discuss the ongoing partial government shutdown and shutdowns now in its twenty fifth day with the president's demand for five point seven billion dollars in border wall funding remaining to be the main roadblock in negotiations educators in the nation's second largest school district are walking picket lines today. Tens of thousands of teachers in the Los Angeles unified school district are on strike over pay class sizes and resources this teacher doesn't see the strike ending anytime soon. We're all very resourceful. We're willing to fight the fight. We are not going to buckle easily. We this is very important strike is affecting about six hundred forty thousand students stocks are currently trading in positive territory. The Dow SNP and NASDAQ all showing modest gains midway through the trading day..

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