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You know what I mean if I can remember these moments from when I'm four five six years old that's something that's like iconic in my life stone cold through. I think it was the icy belt into the lake. You know that's like one of my first wrestling memories you know and then like so like seeing the outsiders come out so maybe I was a little more W._C._W.. But at the same time I'm four years old I'm flipping open through channels. I have no clue what's going on. You know what I mean. It's not like I could be like okay Monday at seven. I'M GONNA put on T._N._T.. I'm like I can barely right my name. It's just it can use people write their name when they four. I don't know I could talk is just images for sure because I know for me that I've constantly stated it is wrestling was always there like my dad would come home every Sunday directional every Sunday. I know he would have on W._W._f.. all-american it might have been something prior to what I remember. I remember when I was watching it it was W._w._f.. all-american <hes> it was salute Rawal officially started and I remember like that was going home watching that like for sure and then raw came on and I remember watching guys like crush and razor Ramon where I I didn't. I know who was good. I like I I like razor and I look dude ever do it man when he first started I loved him and I go back only got who's a bad guy but as a kid. I thought this guy was amazing. That's what it is man. That's why like when I met him I just has had I remember you likely to do what am I. I favor wrestlers for sure like it's really hard to pinpoint like if you've been watching as long as we have where like okay. This is the first fabrics you just like this because I think I remember now too because you had it clouded by who you've been watching lately. You know what I'm saying. Yeah which is crazy 'cause like. I think you know obviously like every year I was alive. I had a different favor wrestling like that year so like now if you asked me my top ten or compared to when I was ten there would probably be eight same but like maybe two different guys. You know what I mean yeah. I've kind of clouds you know but I try to stay on bias is try to stay his all time as possible. When I say that you know what I mean the older you get the more new wrestlers will debut or <unk>? Catch your eye helps and they move up. You're listening for me. It will forever be Britain Sean Number One all time list but because I was actually just having this conversation with stacy okay about our topless. I think we both at a top five Brenton Sean always he's my number one spot. I don't different shape between them but then after that it's like it goes Kane and then canes will be Steen Owens Okay and the one I think I go Owen Hart Gargano while wow so obviously all basis zero ten years ago you know steen wasn't on this Gargano on that list and I had probably had like actually about five years ago how to told you dolf was in my top five but after watching watching more johnny and then finally discovering more like Oh my God like he jumped up w._W._e.. He went higher for sure and I'm just saying Oh my God this guy's so much I was watching him today. Animal Yeah Yeah so I mean it's hard to pick favorites man. It's hard to pick favorites as man yeah shot at the stone cold. I gotTA give him number one if I was him for Halloween in kindergarten that's grandfathered in number one. Yeah I mean if you were you born in ninety eighty four nine hundred ninety four that's you that's four five years old on five years old ninety nine. I got a bald cap on my mom. Jira Goatee Mommy I came into the school you know I had to keep middle finger censored but people knew who I was and they get stunned at any minute Austin probably was your Hogan. Yeah definitely Def definitely so that's why I wasn't like like Super Hot Anna Hogan when I was growing up you know what I mean like four or five six I wasn't but but then end of you'll Hogan when he came back Hollywood affect that that was cool about say because W._C._W.. A._B._C. W ho in lake that's when he started like when you're born like Yuna you didn't have any recollection B._M._w.. AETNA until came back. I only knew him when I when I I found Hogan the lightning bolts in it was he was n w Ohio but but still he wasn't even my favorite then it was it was like I WanNa Watch Steve Austin you know throw him belts in the river and stern up Shenanigans Driving Zamboni and I want to see the outsiders knows my you know so when I think of that moment three favorite guys right there undertaker bro You know when I think of that moment of throwing the belt into the Shane McMahon into the river. It's <hes> didn't he. He'll he said something along the lines of like this is back in the pager years years like like pages and three one six or so. That's something I always remember. Yeah remembered that yeah. That's one thing that's crazy. They talk about wrestling with someone who grew up in a different times. They remember 'cause you're me. It's like I said Brenton Sean like that was my childhood and I I was around for Hogan Warrior savage but I was way too young to put really to when I started really get into it was Brent Sean but you your way after all that but but then like those magazines bro Yeah the world wrestling so I started probably getting those okay ninety nine what can we we start talking about this but we purposely left it all sure <hes> what was your experience with those bags because there's loved him. I'm still bought to buy them again. There's one issue yeah I remember. Which one do you got? My Dad like randomly brought that one over because that didn't last long it was like what to your magazine probably but they were like a philly. I think bill after Ofra wasn't yeah. I took the pictures because they were heavy C._W.. There every like they were but they gave ec w that like level because yeah because normally it'd be like probably <hes> at earlier W._w._f.. W._C._W.. And then they actually have three section for sure though issue that I remember yeah I don't know every issue. There's like a front cover in a back cover. The main front cover was came yeah and he was he looked so weird because his hair was an oppo. ponytail might seem like a normal dude and the other side was a chick and blue <hes>. Wait a minute stable and I don't remember the chicken blue because I remember there was to cover story the other one Shawn Michaels Oh wow and like there was somewhere in the magazine a picture of his wife who was a nitro girl girl yeah <hes> reading his Playboy Oy Y._o.. Like it was like her like you only see like the cover. That's funny not play with playgirl sure but still it's like definitely because it was that's to my favorite like rain and Sean. This aim is to get it that man those those magazines do they helped me up like dude. I saw lager yeah in the back of that magazine. When I'm four or five years old you know he's what he did? They did a picture. He's working at a desk. Who is this guy? He's got a crazy mass but I see Abdulah bleeding in it. I saw say boo R._V.. D I was you know new Jack as I do sweet you know so the irony was on some vision clouding the ones I had I had the number one where it showed all the covers are all these pictures and then had the number one cut out in it then I had the Dudley Boys said those Damn Dudley's. Those are the two I have. I'm how `bout to revive. That's the one that Yup. See doesn't look like a normal dude Yelich trying to make them look normal duties like this is just a regular but it's like dude. You throw a fireball. It's on you know I wanNA say show Mike Lasana back over right or might even be came to that but I remember my dad randomly coming home and just like oh here and I just like the three different sexes nail sweep pictures they did rankings. You know like random pictures. You know something that I remember is. I pulled old like pitchers out of actually that's why I had pitchers of Lena when she was in w w was biscuit geniality something like that. It's not a huge C._W.. Guys when someone could be probably tweeting me right now correct EMU who knew idiots this sorry I remember I think she debuted like a year so after that I'm like wait a minute death lead like Oh my God. I had her pitchers like they had like really cool bio pitchers Yeah Oh yeah we're all the stats they stabbed SAMBUC. Okay Okay Jerry Lynn Okay. Oh Yeah I gotta see the rocks on stuff like that. They always had sweep pictures. Find the scene so yeah like I was kind of talking about this earlier. I get these waves where I just like two weeks week and a half. I'm dishonest subject like I'll listen to one type of music and I want to get the most out of that or I'll watch these guys movies or watch all this guy's matches and stuff like that you know so so even back then like we can go back to their you know like I was getting as much wrestling information as I could. At the time goes way before Internet was crazy inside. Get those magazines. I learned about people you know. I'd get the D._v._D.'s backyard wrestling game and you see all those guys and you know the J._C.. W D._V._D.'s and seeing Chris hero dog you know and just stuff like that. There's something else I was about to say about that magazine that Oh I was just trying to get the most so I was always. Just you know just just trying to learn as much as possible from I dunno where I was going with that. The Honda route that we all went to the show I was on and I went to the show and madman pounds just eating chicken nuggets and French fries and he was he said the whole show up and I was Kinda in awe was like wait a minute. The SAT doodle okay is how it works. I go nice to meet you. You know so just something random but almost nothing exactly the same thing but I remember there was one Gino show back when it was at Turner's Hall Okay Am I got there really early early. Actually helped set up a little bit and then I was told okay like you have to go way on hallway so I I went out and did it for some reason. When people started showing up they just waited in line outside of the building okay? I'm sitting in the empty hallway. Were normally the people are filing injure. I'll okay whatever like I'll just chill here and <hes> Russell. Some rats are starting to walk in and they must have thought I was part of the show or something Taylor Hendrix okay she walks right in puts through stuff down and she's like high Taylor like during the normal wrestler thing and I'm thinking you are don't worry about Oh. My God like just one of those weird surreal moments A._S._l.. Goes Man me. I never thought I'd be taking Chasa Jeff Hardy New Orleans yeah so that's bucket list stuff. I guess if I had a wrestling real wrestling like weird wrestling buckles because there's one thing of like meeting people like I've met some of my favorites. I think the only thing that comes the top of my head is I feel every wrestling fan should be like this to an extent. I really WANNA meet fence. Oh yeah man what all that's what I was gonNA say okay so I wanted to get the most everything right and so I was reading magazines whatever I can get my hands on five years old right so my grandpa new I loved wrestling. I loved it you know and by that time. I knew I was going to do it right so when I'm four or five and I'm seeing stone cold. I'm seeing disco inferno. Mike dammit dude had a cool dance. You know I'm going to be you know but outside is really what did too with stone cold.

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