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Here on WGN tomorrow, UB hosts Akron at noon. We think of Akron using a z the Akron zips. On their helmet. Like, I saw the the CBS sports network promo when the game they have the game. And you know, you'd be says UB and Akron is e. Thinking about that any opinion on that? Is it easy because zips is spelled with Touze's Zee on the end instead of an s no, okay? That I might be in favor of it. But you couldn't have Tuesay's because then it looks like your team is sleeping all day. Like everybody's row. Z's? I'm an offense align you can't have that. What is a zip is an old old wooden ship? I mean, what does the zip? I dunno. They're good from a to z. Maybe they go with that Akron zips odd, it's an odd moniker for a team. I think pod I don't know any other zips us Dan rea is Akron, zipper city or something. Do I not know? Akron. Would you rule it out? I think Akron is actually the rubber city. They're known for manufacturing rubber tires like that's Akron. That's Akron, Firestone. Right. There are other logos. In a with what looks to be like a kangaroo had or something? Maybe zip is a king some sort of kangaroo. I'm I'm going to that game. I will report that makes sense because they have pouches and zippers not never mind. Okay. Akron UB as favored by about twelve last. I looked there's all kinds of stuff. I don't know. But I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that kangaroos are not indigenous to Akron. Well, you are getting older, and you are taking more chances in your life. So it makes sense that you would assume that we will take your calls at eight. Oh, three. Oh, five fifty. Josh Allen, Derek Anderson Leshan Shawn McCoy. That's there are some names for us..

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