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As you've been here on ESPN radio, he has started a petition. Last check. It was over 125,000 signatures. I'm sure Now, Jen, it's even more than that wanted to bring back college football in the Big 10. You've got parents from Ohio State, Iowa, Penn State, all speaking out very upset that their kids are not going to be allowed to play this season. Everyone is searching for answers. And one of the big questions is Jen with With no fall football. How is spring football going? Toe? Look. Jeff Brahms, a head coach at Purdue. He released a proposal, which is, I think makes a ton of sense would be an eight game season beginning February 27th knock on wood. And finishing April 17th. Postseason play would wrap up May 15th. He also had like a 2020 schedule that would be slightly truncated. 10 games begin October 2nd after a four week training camp. Both plan would include plans would include playoff options of four or six teams. Jeff Brown was on ESPN Radio afternoon and he told them no. Here's how he came up with his proposal. More. I looked at it, The more I got information that supported that It can be done, especially if you're able to take care of players and you worry about their health and safety and padded practices and time off. So when you look at a typical to season Period. You're not talking 24 games over two years. This is 24 games you play in a 15 month span, so I said, Well, how can we kind of get that similar per month by designing plan that can Get games in the spring, but also maybe get a slightly condensed season for the fall. But still both contained championships at the end to create side for the game, And I thought, you know, I said, Let's try to put some things together, and I just kind of put it down on paper and said, Hey, this is Lisa. Be a starting point could be something that So we can create some optimism that this can happen. I think that's what people want generate optimism that okay if you're going to cancel football in the fall, which is a a tough decision, but a lot of people agree it's the best decision. Then what is the plane going to be in the spring that if we're going to get spring football I mean, I think it's reasonable to say Hey, you can wait till February 27th or whatever, as long as you're going to get the product delivered to you. I think that's what people want. Jenna think Jeff Graham. I mean, maybe it's not the perfect proposal. That's the best thing I've heard thus far. I have a colleague here at ESPN when I first started. That used to say to me, don't just highlight a problem. Propose a solution. And it was the very first thing that I thought of when I saw that Jeff Bram had put pen to paper, sat down in his home office and tried to figure out a solution to football being canceled this fall and potentially being this spring. A ludicrous aspect of it. Is that the Big 10 officials provided no such thing. That they hadn't even thought about a comprehensive plan of what spring football would look like until maybe this week, and they still haven't given us any idea of what that might be. Like that's what's insane to me, talked. When we talked to Jeff Brown earlier this week, I had to complement his leadership because I felt like this is what leadership looks like. This is somebody who saw a problem. I saw that A lot of people were frustrated with the way that things were and the status quo and said, How can we make it better? And I think that you know for all the reasons and ways that we compliment Coaches in college football in the N B, a in the NFL and every other sports platform. This to me was an example of somebody who actually kind of put their money where their mouth wass and I couldn't have been more appreciative for the effort. The Jeff prom put in because it wasn't just a throwing spaghetti against the wall thing. It really seems like he thought about What the opposition's could be to some of the details of the schedule, or at least had listened to the conversations about why people thought that spring football could not happen and said Actually, Here's how it can write and the rewiring and the tweaking and all of that stuff is what we need more of right now, as we face the uncertainty in the chaos of college football. Yes, because it will. It will be physically taxing on these players. To play a spring schedule. And then playing the fall. I won't be easy. But if you convivial a plan where there's enough recovery time, and then I'll take it a step further, and I'm not saying that again. Jeff Bram, I think this is a really good idea. I'm sure it could be tweaked. It's not perfect, I would say. Just play eight games in the fall to like, Let's have a year where you don't have Any nonconference games, you could still determine a national champion. You could still have a playoff picture with just an eight game schedule as long as everyone plays eight games. You can get that done so that that would be my suggestion. I'm very mindful of the fact that these players are putting their bodies certainly at risk by playing. Back to back seasons of almost but I just feel like if if there's a way to get this done and do it as safe as possible. Let's do it. I mean, Jen, the world will not stop spinning. If college football doesn't happen this fall, my world won't I'm sure yours won't either. It's gotta happen. It's gotta happen ever is other frustrations? Absolutely Do you dislike is their disappointment for the news that there will be no college football in the Big 10 in the Pac 12? Of course there is but again. Rather than focusing on the problem. Bram is proposing a solution and to his point about recovery time he feels like he has built in three months between when the final game would be in the spring, and when teams would eventually have to kick off in the fall. Hey, feels like that gives them more recovery time than they actually have in a normal fall to fall calendar year, So I think he's really thought of a lot of things, Jeff Will the Big 10 reverse its decision in light of some new developments? That's next? Dickerson on Hood? It's ESPN radio. NFL has not been.

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