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Hilarious. It was so poorly told, well, it's too wordy. The setup was too convoluted. It's like six o'clock, like a blonde guy were sitting at the bar, Washington, six o'clock news. Yeah. Time and then have the punch be like I saw the fight like the slide right earlier time, right? There's a lot of ways to tell that joke efficiently. He did not. Funny about your father is that he, he's kind of an old school kind of dude, and he loves to point out that I'm a woman constantly like. Christina, we're watching your special on Netflix, he and I think what people like the most is that your woman down the jokes in these things. Yeah, any loves to make fun of me being blond Californian loves it, loves it. I mean, this shit is just. Oh my God. See, I think Casey, Anthony o. j. stuff way funnier. Right? Trying to try it on a crowd. See if they think it's funnier. I think we'll get feedback just from this million psychos are going to write in and say how wrong I am and how brilliant that is. I know I know how wrong you. They always side with psychopath, Tom Christina's just squared. Tom, Tom's right. That's. Your whole psycho squad of of people. You know, these are the same derelict by the shirts that I don't think our great. Do I know something amazing? This is this is how good God is. God is good. All the time. This is too blessed to restrict how. Right now. This was completely unplanned. She had no idea. None. I didn't tell her. I didn't prep you on this now. Just bring that up added to the store. Oh, less than an hour ago. Oh, what is it this time, the piss on me shirt featuring my face is your mouth open and some tears, cheese. Tom, this is a pre sale right now. This is the image that was on Instagram that did so well that we, everyone was like, put this on shirt. I was like, okay, so great. Yeah, this was I wonder how many people are going to want piss on me and beat me was a bearded guys mouth open on their chest, but you know, judge that kind of thing. X h h creative x has a twenty two year old artist who made this. By the way. I also it's not for sale yet, but I also sent the design to our sack guy. So hopefully they'll be some pissant beat me socks. Exciting, exciting. When's the RT. Well, this is all you're throwing all I good tongue replaces that. Dick. Somebody feel like they cracked the code here. Hey. RTD code high Hitler. I became fascinated with the puddle presented to the why unity. I think I have sold. Oh. I took to the streets, we can walk around pronouncing FD, Archie phonetically, making eye contact with person pass in hopes of assistance for inspiration. I got some dirty looks from ZIM serves with blue hair thought. I wasn't up to the task, but I did not let this heart meat, but the time I got home, I remembered my past relationship with a Jewish woman and drew from the letter number association in the pre. So I made the chart of the English alphabet eighty z counting from one to twenty six, sunny each letter,.

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