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KOMO news time five thirty four okay, Ryan has my interest for that Until then let's talk about. This horrible traffic that nearly. Everybody has been stuck in all? Day today AAA traffic. With marina Rockinger where do you wanna start now that is no joke. So let's start never it because that's really tough from the Boeing freeway northbound I five as you head past. The, Snohomish river and then it just sort of roll slow into Marysville now the area that's struggling is northbound I five from Lake City way up through. Mountlake terrace and Lynnwood your travel time as you leave Seattle this afternoon if you are trying to get. Into Lynnwood is going. To be about. Forty minutes in the express lanes it's nearly the same it's. Southbound though that's the one that's bumper to bumper from Northgate through downtown if you're trying to get down. Toward CenturyLink field for that Seahawks preseason game that's happening around seven o'clock southbound. Highway ninety nine tough over the Aurora avenue bridge down towards the stadiums northbound I five roll. Slow from mid Boeing field all the way up into Seattle, and northbound ninety nine is struggling from the industrial district to the. Stadiums and I'm also seeing some slow downs for the. South. Park neighborhood we've got it tough Southbound. Four zero five getting into. Bellevue, because, the. Right lane is blocked approaching. Five twenty so stop and go from seventieth and then it continues to be bumper to. Bumper through Bellevue from five. Twenty down to coal creek northbound? Is tough from five. Twenty through Kirkland and roll slow from totem lake all the way up. To canyon park it's a slow go westbound ninety from one forty eight th over to four zero five and. I'm, also seeing a really unusual slowdown on one forty eighth itself if you are headed southbound between northeast eight and four five it's solid traffic southbound one. Six seven out of Renton down towards the Kent Des Moines road southbound I five from south center down. To the Kent Des. Moines road it's. A tough one highway eighteen down through five and southbound one. Six seven from fifteenth street southwest as you head into the Sumner area and still struggling in Tacoma both..

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