Chief National Correspondent, Odessa Midland, Texas discussed on World News Tonight with David Muir


A._b._c.'s chief national correspondent backup and is on the scene with the latest on this investigation deadly rampage that left seven seven dead and over twenty wounded ending crunch of metal and gunfire outside this texas movie theater screening terror diving down a nearby woman using owned buddy. It's a shield. A child began. Just after three pm saturday saturday with the traffic stop authorities saying police pulled over thirty six year old seth a tour who allegedly blasted rifle-fire out his rear window hitting an officer i westbound four reports of shootings and victims flooding police scanners or you have an after shooter on the interstate. There's another another twenty five mile marker. The shooter seemingly popping up all over the odessa midland area a different type of active shooter that we were involved off with because he was terrifying drivers. They're back windshield shot out. Police say the shooter armed with an assault style weapon been ditched his car and hijacked a postal van killing its driver a local t._v. Station even evacuating its studio as a precaution with this one is just the size of the crime scene and right now we have approximately fifteen different crime scenes that were processing the last of the shooting scenes the synergy movie theater swat teams storming in evacuating those inside and unwittingly sending them right into that final shootout stilo points and after ramming police cars with that postal van the shooter is killed. Rick logo was right there. I heard two shots going over my head..

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