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The it's now bulletproof. Which makes me. Yeah which which has also makes me think that she might be bulletproof. We might get a scene where somebody tries to shoot her and kill her and we worry about her and now she. I don't is bulletproof. There's a big leap between objects and people like that. Monica is going to get powers because of passing through the barrier and it having changed her genetic makeup. Yes but i don't think that wanda is manifesting. Outside of the hacks is just that the things that are that she's manifesting inside the heck's happened to be able to exist outside of we are at an impasse sir. I have a question for you. Yes do you. Think she's manifesting everything in the hacks. Yes yeah you think so. I got the impression that i got impression that when her brother shows up in the previous episode because she wasn't necessarily expecting him. I don't i'm going to be reading. I i agree with you. One hun- dough. And i'm going to get into that right now. I feel like hold on. Hold on let me get. No stephanie brings up a great fucking point. I don't think. I don't think that she brought petro there. I think whoever is the big bad brought there from the multi-diverse. I again i hold on. Let me check out. Let me finish this. I love you kneel but let me finish this thought let me. please let me finish. this thought. I think that she was starting to realize everyone has been trying to basically get through to her. That that this is what's really happening like your brother died. Remember monica. rambo is like your brother died. Age voltron ultra killed your but all of this stuff happened. Know he and and and i think in order to kind of like like satiate to keep her in this world. I think feast. Oh pulled her brother from a multi-diverse into this universe to keep her kind of like under this spell. I if does that make sense i. I don't i think i think that this version of h. That's been brought into. This universe is diverse. I think it is the fox universe. Ph zero that's been brought into this universe to keep her from realizing that her brother is dead dick to satiate her not not to think too much into her past and to keep her to keep her kind of unaware of of the real events that happened to the real world because because we've because she's already she's already trying to come to grips that you know like vision isn't dead. She's got vision in this world and the big problem is that monica. Rambo brought up the fact that her brother did die. And now of course..

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