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You by van Rawson contracting dot com topping Austin's new state, lawmakers calling the passage of school financial property tax reform, historic local taxing districts will be required to hold an election in order to raise property taxes about three and a half percent with seventy percent of Austin budget being public safety, police union president Ken cast eight till CBS Austin, he's a bit worried how the city council will respond to this. They're trying to good thing. But a lot of times when you do good things. Severe unintended consequences, which I think we're going to see from this. I think you're gonna see public safety hurts. I meantime, the Travis county, taxpayers union says the city of Austin should have no problem running things even with that three and a half percent threshold the unions Roger Faulk says, there's plenty of fat to trim. We're giving home purchasing down payment assistance. Did we learn nothing from the two thousand eight for sessions, where people couldn't make their payments that you can't get the down payment? Why are you buying a house? And the city is helping you do that for calls talk. Of cuts to public safety spending, quote nonsense tax attorneys are alleging wrongdoing regarding Travis county property tax protests, stone tax advisor. CEO J P. Krueger says Travis counties appraisal district in review board are breaking the law by denying informal protests hearings for property tax bills. And over scheduling formal protests hearings for cases then dismissing them without a here of ten percent of the protests and past years. The Arab will now handle ninety percent of the protests, resulting in two million dollars in wasteful spending paid for by the taxpayers for all of that process, who says, there's little to no oversight on the appraisal district, or the review board and is calling for chief appraiser. Myra Kriegler to step down, Eric, like NewsRadio KLBJ, and the central Texas regional mobility. Authority expects the new three point six mile stretch of s h forty five southwest to be fully opened by this coming Saturday when it is open. It'll connect moped to FM sixteen twenty six and this will be told road but says all tolls will be waved through June thirtieth. And it's now six four. Let's look at Austin's on time traffic. Here's Don prior traffic has been reported right now. And says you're shove is at Guadeloupe said a little bit of slow going there. Also southbound service road at thirty five riverside, traffic.

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