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Research institutions throughout the world including threat to United States ubiquinol is the active version of coenzyme Q. ten that's important that's an important point when you hit your forties it gets increasingly more difficult every year that passes to convert coke you ten to ubiquinol charm sixty five so my ubiquinol levels have dropped about forty fifty percent that would explain if I had a drop in energy but I have a lot of energy I'm working seven days a week I've got a very full social life I've got a million friends I see my family all the time I exercise will turn I pretty much just like a much younger person and I think a major part of that is the nutrients are take like rest virtual for blood flow to my brain like you pick one offer my muscles in my heart and we're showing it you actual levels from my body I really think it's making a crushingly wonderful difference and my agent in my age I mean I should be different I really should a difference between me and other people my age because I know how to take supplements and that that's a good that's a good point you go to my stores and we have doctor perfect doctors dietitians clinical nutritionist medical doctors nutritionists I'm a pharmacist and Christmas Greg Agarwal he's an optometrist nutritional season kind of people that help you out listen we have to go to a break when we come back in one explain how you pick one occasion anarchy because it's an important point because you can't your muscles get better and she for exercise more power all she took a quick study before we go to break it was university Sydney in Australia they took athletic fifty year old guy and they put on start which I Statens interfere with energy production and ubiquinol function these guys lost power there was strength they lost in Dortch they put him on you pick one wall two weeks later they got back their power dish Greg there in dorms it really makes a difference that is so not only does age interfere with your ubiquinol you have less and less as you grow older but drugs to lower.

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