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Hall of Famer Chris Arlo will champers here and the nosebleed seats filling in for Ruli bully. Coming up in. Ah, about 15 minutes. We'll get back into the college football discussion and discuss on whether or not playing is the right thing to do. There is a proposal that was made by a big 10 head coach on Ah, what the spring and fall season could look like if you are doing it all together in one calendar year will tell you What That plan looks like coming up, But first, it's time to go. Put the kids to bed. Time to take Julius. Julius. I like him who he is. Make sure he's cool. He seems fine. He's alcalde. Time to go around the rim. Twice, you know, you know he's got one eye open. One eye closed. What's that in his hands are all orange from burritos, Dorito dust man little stain that was on the screen. That's why double tablet that double tap He's a pigeon, but he smells like a skunk pigeons of dirty. Okay, Whatever you say. 30 birdie, Sena's tweets. Yeah, he's got his own his. He's this. He's the breakout star of the nosebleed seats. He's got his own Twitter hand on, he will block you. Hannigan tweet with Klaus. I don't know why Eric bottom a phone, but it's weird. I don't know how he tweets but a talented pigeon. Let's start here with the news that broke earlier today. In fact, right before we hit the air on the Mavericks, we've got a playoff schedule. Yeah. The maverick played a minimalist game against finished in the season and the.

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