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Case you get the government ground as well and if you don't add any options staley's no no alloys on that and it's got the pretty basic trim but i think that'd be so good to get more people in cars like this and more choice is better than new. Pricing strategy affects the three as well under the new pricing two more variants. Now become eligible for out plug in car. Grant aka free cash People who was telling me when. I say that because the people who know about economics email me. There's no such thing as free. Cash okay Governments printed it's not free okay On you pricing The variants become eligible for our plugging. Cochran's let me say that that's a total of six of the. Id three models the three family pro and family pro performance and now priced under thirty five thousand pounds. Which is the threshold route. Two and a half grand off These models now priced at thirty three and a half and thirty four nine hundred sixty respectively just squeezing in that of course with you grown. That's one and thirty. Two and a half highly equipped macs and range topping tool have also been reduced. They get price reductions. Great news says dr dot com. If you wanna buy south ninety-three The range tapas go down by three thousand eight hundred pounds if you bought one yesterday less good news if you buy one today great new save yourself another four thousand pounds With seventy seven kilowatt out battery. Three hundred and forty miles wwl. Cpi range starting now at thirty eight. Which i think is. I'm not pretending that's not a lot of money but in the world aviv as to get that spec is just brilliant. Having a vw's press cite their official media site always interesting to have a look that they say this new structure Considerably increases the flexibility of the. Id three in the id four in the customers ordering so they gave an example. Let me give that to you. Previously not possible to configure the augmented reality head up display on an id three of the max and the tour right because the ones you could get it on now you can choose any trim level at the package and you get the head up display the augmented reality etc etc so a lot more configuration. Let me know if this interest you. And if it gets you over the line or is interested to hear from listeners. The address is hallowed evening news daily dot com still anticipate having their vide. And i can't wait to find out more about their plans I can make a few guesses still anticipates. The world's fourth largest carmaker hosting day on thursday unfairly more details around the strategy formed from chrysler and show grape. Psa emerging in april. The group has grown them in. Europe is now seventeen percent of new pure electric vehicle registrations from january to may says marketwatch dot com the Analyst matteo schmidt says it puts it second behind volkswagen on twenty five point seven percent and ahead of the renault-nissan alliance ahead of tesla while bank of america analysts. Expect the latest. Do deliver a bullish message on thursday. Making it clear about how they are going electric. They say that's the lantis has to put the pieces together. Explain the strategy on battery. Chemistry cell technology costs and things like vats the difference between the us and europe and sta lantis is reportedly going to announce although i think is kind of well known already that their electric vans are going to be made at ellesmere port vice a factory northwest england and so not just the pleasures and citron's all of the electric vans being made here in england which is good news. And i'm sure that there's been some lobbying and some government support a few few quick being thrown their way. I don't know that for a fact but you know. Sometimes they'll be government. Help always goes along white next. We'll talk about volvo. Timely and triton group signing an agreement to install operate a high performance public charging network for heavy duty lung whole all electric trucks and coaches in europe. It's gonna start in two thousand twenty two and the partners invest together. Five hundred million euros to install one thousand seven hundred high-performance charging points near highways and logistic points and destination points. Within five years the joint venture says fleet owner dot com. We'll have his own identity be based in amsterdam in the netherlands battery electric fleet vehicle. Operators can leverage fast charging supply game for forty five minutes. If you didn't know by the way We have a forty five minute. Mandatory rest period herring europe. See gotta stop for forty five minutes. You can't just keep on truckin and so if you're traveling long distance then you've gotta stop anyway see muzzle charge at high speed. And if not you can charge overnight on the slower charge. they're installing. I'll pop the fleet owner. If you want to read more in the show nights why it's packed. I have needs that i and it's all again really positive. News holy moly going on. Let's talk about tesla and the model. Y standard range in hong kong may confirm use of the l f p battery. Let's find out more about this elephant. The way lithium iron phosphate low cost in the standard range plus model three. But will it come to model y well the c. n. e. post published the the deal tesla made with at l. at battery supply to expect extend lfg contract would include sourcing sells for the model y now in china. Model y is either long range or performance. No standard range plus model wine deliveries for the cross iva astonishing in july in hong kong when we check tesla's website about the model y standard range for hong kong where is on sale right hand drive just as we need here just as australian aids so i'm hopeful i'd love model wine anyway Deliveries are starting in there in september. the estimated range for the model y standard range plus is molding. The model three shouldn't be less. it's more model. Three is to seven eight miles or four hundred and forty kilometers model. Y two hundred eighty three miles and yet the price increase. It's ten percent more so it's got a little bit more mileage by coupla miles few more case but a ten percent price increase in hong kong least over the model three s plus while according to the website also volition dot com although the model y standard range for hong kong could confirm the. Lfg battery rumors. That would be good because they can lead to lower pricing and even some Some better charging cubs in places where they don't like the cold so that's being worked on with software. The price range difference suggests the model y a bigger car or less error efficient car going further. The model. Three standard ryan's using the nfc batteries could actually have so this base model. Y could have the twenty one. Seventy cells are in the others so the same sells for s applause. Long-range and performance could do because there's a ten percent price difference from the model three of the same level as it were however. If that's the case then why wouldn't they sell it in the us as well because if they can get model y doing two hundred thousand miles on these twenty one seventy cells which are in oil cows. They should sell that the base model in the us. Why wouldn't they do that anyway. I'm really looking forward to finding out when the customer delivery style happening what is going on. What's the battery pack size. Who makes it and all that kinda stuff right. Got a couple more stories quickly. The new situation e space torah gets a price drop It's it's a fourteen thousand pounds price drope. I'll tell you why this isn't a great thing but first of all the new citizen or situation As i should say citron ace torah. It's a minivan if you are a people carrier the new range announced in the in the uk today but because they managed to get it under thirty five grand gets the in cobra of two thousand pounds. Like i said earlier. But they've reduced the price of the base model to come under thirty five by fourteen thousand pounds now. I've looked at the specs and the specs. They haven't taken out fourteen thousand pounds worth of of options from the old model so all they were doing was adding fourteen grand to make money on it. They have an overnight. Made fourteen grants worth if it was one or two thousand pounds off here and that every few months i think they're making efficiency savings. They're doing they have an overnight. Fourteen grand slashed. That's margin surely. am i wrong. Let me know if i'm wrong. 'cause i love giving good news on this podcast but i also get a little bit annoyed when a i can just slash fourteen thousand off a car. The isn't like one hundred thousand bound car just to get it below thirty five thousand that is surely just margin. They were adding that's not fair to buyers. Is it just may tell me i'm wrong. I'll happily if you think a missed read this anyway. The situation east by store up entry level model now under thirty five grants it gets two and a half grand off hundred and forty three miles of range of the wwl teepee test cycle so a price to you of thirty to grind. It's the business edition trim. So it's got at com cruise control apple carplay android auto big touchscreen fifty kilowatt hour battery hundred kilowatt motor hundred kilowatt charging so get to eighty percent in home for now. Really really really good specs if you need to shift nine people in a three three three configuration. This minivan is we get so many brilliant. Cause hearing your at my. Us listeners must be thinking great another car. we don't get anyway. Maybe final one audi each on. Gt question posed by quattro daily website. I love this collaborating about corduroys. Anything audi four wheel drive is interesting to me. But they are asking other porsche. Tycoons back for rickles a contact your porsche daily if you own one and get some more details on that Because it's not a you know there's been no. Injuries has been no accidents or incidents because of this votes. Make sure that yours does go back to your local porsche. Daylight because They obviously assim car like they have the same mechanical underpinnings so quarter daily saying the. Gt porsche does that mean. The gt has to go back to audi dealers because that hasn't been recalled So what happens. The twelve volt battery in the on starts to lose charge. I think will happen. Starts to shut down. The car always meant to happen. And so whether you got the small battery seventy one kilowatt hours. The big one thousand three thousand you'll take on. There's been. I think nine cases reported to the highway agency in the us so it probably doesn't affect forty-three thousand tycoons if they are being recalled quick software update not major. You wanna get yours done contact your porsche daiwa and they will help you out right question of the week with anyway. -bility norway dot com. So this is a fascinating question this week right if you had to buy one electric car today on the market today and it was the only car you could drive for the next three years. What would you get. I'll go for the vw. Id for gts x. Because it suits me my price point my family a not too flashy but still really great car. Big battery nice charging one hundred twenty five kilowatt so that would be me. It's a compromise cow ultimately. But would you go for one electric that you have to buy today. And he's the only guy you can drive for three years. What's it going to be. Emailed me a low at evening. News daily dot com. I read out yours on sunday. Thank you very much premium potlucks at the podcast by the way if you want to check out my patriot it's How we found this podcast will though we have turned on ads. So there is an Such being drip fed into the podcast. It helps pay the bills But if you want to avoid the ads I the halfway through the ones that beginning an you can sign up to patriot like five or ten dollars which is basically a couple of your fantasy coffees every month. Then you can get your ad free. The-the exclusive to you and that we know ads on it for you. Go free checking out. Patron dot com the it reo n. Dot com slash e the news daily our premium colors phil robertson electric future. Brad crosby porsche of the village. In cincinnati out of cincinnati east volvo cars up cincinnati east national couch algae dot com and aloha charge dot com derek from the review on youtube channel. Richard at rsvp cut it uk for buying and selling as in the uk the filipino. Away dot com. Hey have a good santa mar on remember. There's no such thing as well charging i ira..

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