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Phone for the first hour that i'm awake. I do my twenty minute meditation tation a drink my one liter of water. I work out six days a week. I'm unapologetic for that hour and a half so i will not regret <unk> starting another business in order to not have to do those things so i think i'm i'm trying to accomplish those things by. I will regret if i do. You're not continue to grow if i do not continue to listen to people if i start to believe my own b. s. again yeah if i revert back to the six year old or twenty twenty six or thirty one or thirty five year old version of myself that that stopped listening to others that started to believe my own the as if i revert back to that guy i will be. I'm really disappointed and i will be very regretful that i could not have learned from these opportunities that i had that would be the biggest regret if i go if i go backwards instead of forwards to that guy or any other version of myself from the past. I would be really disappointed yourself well that would that would be that. Would it'd be a real a real disappointment. I'm inspired man. I didn't know what i learned from you but i'm really inspired to go to catch more guy gets you into rumble rumble mile away not even and how can people support you. I've got i got three questions for you finally but how come people support you with your endeavors right now. I continue support where we have you know we have. We have catched. Roma were opening catch stake in september new york city. It's a fifteen thousand square foot four hundred fifty restaurant steakhouse house at the i think steakhouses needs to be redone and i think there's a twenty twenty version of it and we're excited to give it a try to try to hit that so that's a that's a big one in a new one for us. We're opening our second that can concept for rumble which is our treading concept which is half treadmills have a weight and rumble. Boxing is half the class boxing and the other half wait so we're just boxing. We taught you something. We didn't think you didn't think you know how to do it. We got to do it and in treading. We're gonna we're gonna make you enjoy something that you don't like doing which is running right. No it's not fun to run experience lo-look ashington the music and the lights party like a soul cycle feeling look. I think so cycle was the king of finish. There's certainly the they're the geez of this game day are what inspired me you to get into the group fitness and i think they've done cycling. We are really we were very excited to do boxing and we're very exciting to do with now trading so that opens at the end of october in that opens in twenty third street down the block from romo boxing and also in san francisco simultaneously in the marina here to l._a. To it is maybe we're work. Trust trust me. There's space the team. The one thing i can guarantee that the team that we have working hard to get it wherever wherever it makes sense to have so for me those those are things that are great honestly i if anything here is valuable in some way can help you use it and then if anything more importantly you use it and it works works share it yeah. That's that on instagram twitter what you spend time on personally online. I'm on instagram. My name's eugene rim <hes>. I think i have a twitter better. I think it just connects to my instagram but yet i'm on instagram eugene raymond website to you personally or no no oka <hes> no instagram message tag you all those things instagram's are mad and <hes> you know i i take breaks from instagram now on a regular basis. Take probably a you know a week a month off but i think if people there's a lot of entrepreneurs that listen i think if people wanna learn about branding and culture go follow catch instagram and rumble because you guys an amazing job of creating like this experience people and i think they can learn a lot in their businesses. We have a small business. You're a solo entrepreneur..

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