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Some great information and photos from there I called down to the DWP. They gave me a little information. They. Let me come look at their microfiche. It was great. An article on. There's a website called. Failure magazine and I think it's just failures just yet. There's a Web. There's a page about the a book called Flood Pack. The deadliest man made disaster of Twentieth Century America, and the making of modern Los Angeles. fucking manned. That's by John Wilkinson. and then did you know there's a song by frank black from two thousand and one called Saint Francis Disaster. And there's US like unofficial music videos, a video from the disaster and photos from the disaster Jesus. Yeah okay, so saint. Francis. Dam Disaster is is known as the worst American Civil Engineering Disaster Of the twentieth century, and it's kind of compared to the triangle shirt factory fire in that it kind of led to this movement of safety legislation. Because so many people lost their lives so before we can get into the collapse of the actual dam. We kind of need to go over some history. And that is California's water wars, and that will give us some context, but the end of the eighteen hundreds Los Angeles was still a relatively small settlement, and it got its water from the La River via a system of reservoirs, and these open ditches made that were made there called Amazon has and. That had been used since the lowest public. Doris built them in seventeen eighty one. But by the early nineteen hundreds, there's a huge population boom in Los. Angeles, and over half a million residents are now living in La and the city's growing, so does the need for water, but it's we're in a desert. So this bunch of drought, city planners wanted Los Angeles become a major American metropolis like these people who had money in. An stake in the city growing. And, but that can only be achieved if there is water you know. Yeah so creed bright. Like you said and greed. Yes and greed greed a big part of it. Yes, I need to make that point grade water. Whitmore does one want. So the Dude Fred Eaton, he's the mayor now, and he used to be the superintendent of the Los Angeles Water Company and so he fucking knocks on the door of the new superintendent of the water, company and that in he's like. Let's build an aqueduct like that's how we get water, the city and that new. Superintendent is William Mulholland. Him Yeah. You have so mulholland drive. Everyone knows so let me do a quick sidebar and William Mojo and he's got this fancy story fucking life so William Mahone is he's born in Belfast Ie. And in eighteen, fifty five, he's born into a family of modest means. Any leaves home at fifteen with his brother, and they go to America and he ends up in L...

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