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You look at the clippers. This bond and I'll leave that to Max. I think it depends on who he's going to pick. But here's my mentality about the Los Angeles Lakers. It's not about the number of players who would be ready. It's about who matters and who matters is Lebron James. Now you could make the argument about it. Because there's no load management to lean on. Obviously he's getting plenty of recipes received plenty of rest unfortunately because of this corona virus pandemic but at the end of the day. I'm trusting Lebron James. I'm trusting his experience. I'm touching I'm trusting his brilliant. I'm trusting his work ethic and I'm trusting his postseason experience there and debate all want to about Lebron James. Being thirty five years of age you consider the fact that he missed the playoffs. The previous year comes back this. She is a top two candidate arguably the leading candidate for league. Mvp honest and then now you're going to be coming back with additional rest on that thirty five year old body and seventeenth NBA season. You combine that with the fact that the man is about two years removed from going to eight straight. Nba Finals for crying out loud. It what do you have? You have a person that's INCR- incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes physically to have yourself primed and ready to go. I Trust Lebron James and I trust the impact that he's going to have on his teammates including Anthony Davis and others more so than anything else. That's why I say. The Lakers answers the clippers. If there were regular season games I would agree with you Stephen but you talk about. It's Lebron who needs to be ready to go. Lebron is more facilitator now than he's ever been in his in the past he's really a point guard this season and what. He's done brilliantly because the Lakers have the best record in the western conference since the beginning of the season is get the guys on the same page is establish a rhythm and chemistry even when I got him opening night. The whole not mentioned Christmas. Even then I did have the thought the when you were talking I was talking about how passive Lebron wasn't certain respects about the challenge of I. But that's because it is. The score has one job on the clippers. The bronze jobs really orchestrator and he had to make that his guys and even did this to a lesser extent with the cavs and the heat at times regular season in the past. He had to make sure the guys he was gonNA rely on. Were ready to go in the moment of truth and that takes a lot of work as a point guard point forward whatever and and the chemistry and the rhythm was set which is why they were peaking when this thing went away. When social distancing occurred they just beating the box and the clippers? Were peaking right then. It took a lot of work to get to that level even though they'd had the best record most of the season but to get to that level took some time so if there was regular season games. I would agree with you Stephen because it would give the broad enough kind of runway to get ready for the playoffs. But if we come back and it's just playoff basketball. That HALF COURT CLIPPERS CO why Paul George Patrick Beverley Lou Williams by the way Shannon is going to be able to hit the three no matter what. He's just a shooting fool right like if going. Meet a lot of runway Lou. Williams GonNa get buckets. Regardless he doesn't need all this runway to be able to score Lou Williams was born scoring. Patrick Beverley is going to be able to play defense and hit the outside shot. When you need them to and Paul George and Kawhi Leonard Gains or less reliant on the kind of interdependency of the team then then what Lebron brings there with his complimentary pieces are relying upon so if we start with playoffs? This helps the clippers. Who get the rest for a team..

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