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And so the other party goes out and says, well, vote for us, and we'll undo what that does guys just yet, and that becomes the fight. So instead of moving from challenge to challenge in dealing with them. You have a series of episodic political battles over whether ObamaCare is good or bad taxes or higher low and everybody promising to do or undo the other guys just on thanks to those of you who have shared your thoughts about the Senator good, bad, or indifferent? J. c. tweeted, I barely agreed if ever with Senator McCain on policy, however, his integrity could never be questioned as well as his love of this country. He gave more for this country than some others will ever understand. I have the utmost respect for his service. Thank you Senator Richard Fontaine. Could you react to that tweet a little bit from all the remembrances that have come out? And I think the spoke also to his call for regular order, having been through what John McCain went through, you know, five and a half years in the Hanoi Hilton and so forth. I think that shaped very heavily his view of what people who are servants of the American people are supposed to do and where their priorities should lie. Yeah. Think that's right. Although I think we should also be clear that his time in in Vietnam shape some things, but I think his political views were sort of grew up over time as he was first in the congress and in the Senate in part because he was he learned at the knee of some, I guess we call them lions. Now, both Republicans and Democrats Udal took him under his wing a democrat from Arizona. When he first came to the congress, Senator John tower Senator then Senator Bill Cohen who went on to be secretary of defense in the Clinton administration, though he was a Republican and Senator McCain got to see a time when things worked differently than they do now. And I think he had not just a sense of nostalgia for that era, but a sense of possibility about how people could come together around across party aisles to. To solve some of these problems. And part of the basic stuff is the mundane stuff of legislation that happens in the old civics lessons about a hell. Bill becomes law, but there's a reason why it's structured that way. Molly, do you get the sense that America's voters actually want regular order? Is that what we want? Do we want you know congress to work together or do we wanna feel like political winners? It's a question I think about a lot and I don't know the answer. I mean on some level, the congress works the way it works because the voters sent those representatives there and what the voters want is increasingly extreme. Now that may be as professors el-zor was saying partly structural, partly due to, you know, the primary election process and the way privileges. You know, the passionate holders of extreme views over the sort of silent majority. I guess you could say, and so, but but it is true that that ultimately I hate to blame the voters, but. Ultimately it is the voters who are tugging the party's further apart and tugging the Republicans further to the right in particular I, but I do think that there is a. Most Americans probably don't know what regular order is, if you were to stop them and ask them on the street, certainly didn't before heard that speech last year. And most people do want to see their policy priorities get done. And so you do see both Republicans and.

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