Barack Obama, Saudi Arabia, Stewart discussed on The Axe Files with David Axelrod


You see him speak out with all due respect uh david more strongly on iran than president obama did and so i think you will start to see that uh the understanding that our values and our interests are actually leaked uh will become more and more evident when you come to a saudi arabia you do have the beginnings of reform in saudi arabia i don't know where it's going to end up but i do know that when a regime i don't care if there are friends when a regime starts to educate women so that more than half of the students and university or women uh they're not going to sit there and not be able to drive they're not going to live with the world that they want stewart that their mothers new in saudi arabia and so i'm confident that actually uh we're going to see more reform in the middle east should lesage warned form person suit the foreign policies not much different uh we've withdrawn from a number of global agreements paris climate accord the trans pacific partnership which seems like a great boon to china which is moving into that vacuum uh the president has refused to certify the iran agreement all these things have separated us from our allies you right in your book when you lose if you lose britain euroloan well we've lost britain in many instances here we've been on the we've been rebuked by our friends and our allies many times and feels like those global alliances aren't what they were all i finished second stats us where our allies beep beep test for what we did as.

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