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It is a glorious day even in the swamp this is America first I'm Sebastian Gorka former strategist to president Donald J. trump and you just heard him from the speech he gave a few moments ago very close to the studio at the forty seventh March for life to stop the Holocaust I'm born children that is the result of roe V. Wade and I'm going to dedicate the opening of this show to that president and his speech today and what it means we have an incredible lineup of guests we got the president's senior legal adviser the point person on impeachment Iraq along with Rudy Giuliani Jay secular Jenna Alice will be with us in studio from the heritage foundation the executive vice president for old man is national security Jim Carafano in studio and then from the daily wire one of my favorite American patriots it's going to be Michael knows who's here in DC for the March for life so he will be with us in studio and then of course you'll Coles and it's Friday which means what it means it's Oscar dot did G. anything give us a call one eight three three three three goal could G. O. R. K. eight one eight three three three three four six seven five two but let's let's do well for a moment well what happened today my wife and I left the house early we took a cab downtown the area around the reflecting pool around the Holocaust museum was cordoned off the blocks and blocks and blocks by the secret service by the parks police DHS vehicle every kind of federal law enforcement you can imagine why because thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Americans came to Washington DC to listen to the president the first ever American president since roe V. Wade to address the March for life the atmosphere was incredible even though we have to wait in line for a long long time to get in through the magnetometers everybody coming to listen to the president have to be screened by the secret service they get it did a great job and everybody was in a good mood and one of the most beautiful things that we saw today is the number of children remember today is the anniversary of the Catholic Covington schoolchildren incidents but today there was no such incident there was just allow love of country love of life and determination to stand up for the most vulnerable now that and there is no one no human being more vulnerable than the born child the girl or the boy in the womb the girl or the boy sixty million of whom have been killed thanks to that outrageous Supreme Court decision and we're never gonna give out and right now it is clear that we are winning the numbers of children that today the spirit of the crowned we are winning this war and it is a cultural war it is the war for the soul of a nation I didn't come up with it I'm much wise a man said it every civilization is a measured first but how it acts to protect the most vulnerable in that society what is that civilizations attitude to the agent of the respected mother helped other given soccer when they are ill when they become decrepit or are they sh thrown to the side of the street now the abandoned in homes the same for the children of the society the most vulnerable of whom of those who are yet to be born that our allies that have a soul and are growing inside the womb of the mother we will be judged as a nation based upon our capacity willingness to protect the unborn and I want everybody out there to understand today marks a sea change the title turning of history the conservatives not just in America but everywhere why because we are the greatest nation on god's earth founded on the principles of individual liberty and freedom why because our rights is a founding fathers told us enough founding documents stem from our creator with a capital C. not from government we have liberty we have freedom we have a right to life because we are made in the image of our lord and that applies to all human beings born and unborn and it is sad commentary on the conservative establishment that it took until Donald Trump a non the politician for the president of the United States to address the March for life not even the great Ronald Reagan neither of the bush presidency address the March for life it took today it took Donald Trump to be the first commander in chief the first incumbent in the White House to physically go to the mall in a dress his fellow Americans and he did so today talking about the grace that the pro life activists are spreading around the nation the brave brave women children who was standing up for the unborn if you call yourself a conservative thank you yeah to question the moral integrity of this president two days you are morally bankrupt for ever if you don't recognize what happened today but we have a man who would not cal towel to the cult of death to the left to the social engineering to the mass murderers then you have no right to call yourself a conservative this man did not bend he did not waver from the beginning of his administration he has been the most pro life president not just since roe V. Wade but since the inception of our Republic and if you have problems with his tweets if you give one I to of credibility to the outrage that is happening now on Capitol Hill as we speak the attempt to remove from office a man who committed no crime except to defeat squarely in fairly one of the most corrupt politicians in American history yes Hillary Clinton did you know conservative the rest of you our listeners across the country.