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Boat race here at home in the first half. What should be a play off type games 72 to 46 of you just joining us 1 48 to go in the first half. It's been all Miami from the start. Largest lead being a 26 points. Had 14 fast break points for Miami. 29th in the league and pace. They don't want to run. But it's just everything's been given to him. It's been so easy. Oh, yeah, It is surprising effort here from Boston Austin Ball out of the time out, Take them down the left slacking of the room. No shot there at the 48 pump fake from three steps, right, shoots past Robinson and buries it off the right leg. Evan Fournier has his first three pointer and five points in the ball game. It was Tatum driving deep to suck them in a little bit out of Iowa crossover dribble pump. Think of the top of the key pitches out to Robinson front court left thrives on 48 got him on his hip to directly of no thought he was found in the wasps. A bit of a wait late whistle here and Tatum will be charged with the phone. I mean, we made fun of Robinson going into the paint. Now, for the second time, he had an early layup. Uh, but that's Boston defense like that's that should never happen. Was Duncan Robinson putting on the floor driving by Boston defenders. No one coming to help and no one coming to help. It's just This is stunning. First free throw is good. I'm going to say it. Don't get mad at me. Miami has yet to miss it. The line there 11 11, with one more coming here from Duncan Robinson. Five guys in double figures shot In the first half of Miami. Second free throw also good 12 of 12 at the line shooting 63% from the field and 10 of 19 from beyond the arc 74 to 49 with a minute to go. In the first half. Walker says, clear out, he sends a cutter through the lane. Now they chase him with two defenders bounce past leisurely the top. The art deflected by Butler's saved by 48 half court over to Tatum. Gotta hurry for to shoot drives to the rim and lays it in left side of the room. That was not.

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