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Breasts is the thing that I go. I would never normally buy chicken breast boring. Yeah Yeah and then all you'll do is. We have found that. That is a wonderful way to cook. Chicken breast jobs import dubs because they retain their moisture abuse. I haven't used one. I've obviously eating food from one and I think chicken is the only thing that I would use it for. I mean pork chops probably as well but I think beef ends up tasting a little million them and I like to have a little jar. Well I've done it. I do think I think I don't think with me the beef I don't see any difference really doesn't help and it just takes longer but we think chicken is actually fish. I think it's the lighter really fish salmon because you don't the thing you can't overcook it on a Soobee. That's the benefit and like steak. You really don't overcook like it's like chicken. Breast is really easy to overcook. Because he wants it gets done than it starts to get dry. Yeah this is you just keep it in a water bath at a certain temperature and it doesn't ever go above one. Whatever you September at one forty nine or whatever it is you can pick it on radio APP And and you can. It'll hold for two hours. Yeah and that's the thing I like about it to the timing is so he can just let it sit in there and then when you take it out you boom ready to Brown it. Yeah but you want to let it rest because it's not like rare that like Juices it's not that I have to rest. It's like a steak off the grill. All logistics settle back in. Yeah cut it down but chicken you can cut it right away and Kinda just gently Jacuzzi. It's just been it's been hanging. I love my chicken after it's been in the Jacuzzi fee lowers. You can now. You can't take a little bag like as a book bag of raw chicken into the Jacuzzi. And if you just sit in there for like an hour hour and a half a chicken you can eat that chicken no no. I'm not all of Dan's listeners. Got Salmonella passed away in a Jacuzzi..

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