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I i mean that that's an ice call 'cause i did forgotten it i don't remembered for trading places that well because it's been a long time since i've seen it and i didn't remember that al franken was even in that movie middle we're not going to play clinton stuff in at the ateneo know yet what will look into it meantime apparently guerrillas have better eating habits than some people when it comes to cleanliness a new study has found that guerrillas spontaneously clean their food before eating it without having having to witness someone else doing it first that's interesting findings suggest that salt social learning is not required for that behavior to emerge with guerrillas in their study who who does this by the way who thinks hey you know what i'm going to find out if guerrillas clean their food before ththey eat it i don't know but we're gonna have to start making a list for al thinks he could do yes study grilling joe hashtag chefs for al you know here's here's an idea retire before anybody else jumps on the get out of this bandwagon and go sell facial cream oh i wonder if that's even occurred to him you know it probably has a throws at a credible industry of facial cream sellers at our don't really successful right now and he's probably put off the announcement tillis started in arrives in the mail and that's why keep pushing it back that would be funny if the announcement tomorrow is i'm leaving to sell facial cream this sole sexual harassment thing has nothing to do with it i have seen how well joanna gaines.

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