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Regional stay at home order in the Southern California region, which includes San Diego will officially be extended today after the governor said they were taking a final look at the cove. It numbers Waiting for the Monday numbers to make it official with bull stuff in California and the San Joaquin Valley, hoping to loosen the reins. Gavin Newsom anticipates the covert stayed home orders to continue in those areas because of ICU capacity issues. Do you think somehow you're immune from impact of coded? There's the direct impact. That is the transmission of this virus. There's the indirect impact. God forbid you have a stroke or heart attack. Your car accident or you have other acute care needs the impact. Of these. This virus is pandemic. Both the region's about the temple restrictions since early December after falling below the icy availability threshold. Hey, Louis Kogo new doctor. Mark Galley will be holding a news conference about the situation at noon. We'll cover that on cocoa and coming up at 7 11. This morning, we'll get an update from county Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. More San Diego businesses are suing the county over code 19 restrictions. Last week, 25 Jim's filed a lawsuit against the county for the right to reopen Under current restrictions. Gyms are not allowed to operate indoors. Many of the gym owners involved with lawsuits say science is on their side between June and December, the county reported. More than 118,000 covet infections and county workers interviewed more than 68,000 people infected Jim Jim's were linked to possibly 277 cases. Retail, though, was believed to be responsible for more than 6300 cases. Students in the Sandy Gato Union High School district will not be returning to campus in January. The school board vote comes after the union representing teachers sued to block a return to in person learning, saying the district's reopening plan violates the state's public health rules amid the pandemic. Jason Berry's daughter was looking forward to returning to Earl Warren Middle School, he tells reporting partner 10 news. This whole situation is causing a stunting to, I would say entire generation of kids burying other parents are starting a grassroots effort to make it easier for people to become substitutes. Union leaders say most teachers want to return to the classroom, but not at the heights of the pandemic. Deadly December is putting more pressure on morgues at San Diego Hospitals for San Diego hospitals notifying the medical examiner in recent weeks that their morgues were nearing capacity, some of used local funeral homes to help the things worsen Sunday when a medical examiner transport picked up five bodies from Sharpe Grossmont Hospital in La Mesa and is now storing the deceased. This comes a San Diego sees the biggest surgeon covert related deaths since the pandemic started the week before. Christmas was the deadliest so far with 129 lives. Lost. Joshua Lipton KOGO News. A new coronavirus stimulus bill when $2000 checks is on its way to the Senate after the Democrat led House narrowly voted to pass it on the measure would override the $600 payments included in another relief package. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she hopes the Senate does the same thing. The present And of the United States has put this fourth is something that he wants to see. In terms of and part of his signing the legislation yesterday. I hope that that will be that view will be shared by the Republicans in the Senate. This comes after the president took issue with the $600 amount and called to give Americans more help. He also complained the covert relief and government spending package allocates too much money for foreign aid and items he described as wasteful bipartisan rebuke for the president. The House votes to override his veto of the annual defense policy Bill. Jered Halpern has that story. A majority of Republicans joined the majority of Democrats in the House to override President Trump's veto of the $740 billion Nash. No defense authorization act on this boat that yea so 322. The nays are 87 President Trump vetoed the bill over objections to a provisional lowering the Pentagon to rename bases honoring Confederate leaders. And because the measure failed to eliminate protections for social media companies. The Senate is expected to take up the veto override this week. If successful, it would be the first time Congress has voted to override a veto from President Trump. Novavax is moving one step closer to adding another Corona virus vaccine to the arsenal for health officials in the U. S vaccine company is starting Phase three trial of its covert 19 vaccine. It will have 30,000 volunteers to try out the vaccine, and the trial is receiving funding from Operation Warp speed. Novavax has its headquarters in Maryland. We're going to use time is 507 and learning more about Anthony Warner, the man responsible for the Christmas morning explosion that rocked downtown Nashville. Mike Tobin has details on what Warners neighbors said about the bomber. Rick Loud was a neighbor of Anthony Quinn. Warner, who went by Tony Loud was one of the few neighbors who interacted with Warner, he says. Just before Christmas, the man ideas, the bomber dropped a hint that he was about to do something big. So is Santa gonna bring you anything Good for Christmas. Research is quality said yes, Loud says even when he saw FBI, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and 80 vehicles pull up at Warners home in Antioch, Tennessee, it took awhile to accept the reality that his neighbor was the bomber. The neighbor claims Warner told him he was going to become famous on Christmas in the world would never forget him. New Year's resolutions that you can actually keep allegedly. That's coming up. Let's see. I'm gonna be rich. I'm gonna be thin. I'm gonna Yeah, I'm gonna be happy by the way Pro tip. Do not get on your scale. I made that mistake this morning. That's all I've got for you. Real time. Traffic. Updated weather in three minutes. Togo News time 50 Wait. I'm used radio.

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