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The point where i was either thinking about retirement or or hanging on i really felt i could still play and one or two in other opportunities to compete to be a longterm started for someone probably looks if that situation now and with blue remembers that you went on to play in the super bowl a couple of years later and maybe that's you know a big factor for him mean i think he's got a a guy that he probably feet every holiday or you know even more often record tell on the same thing i mean you're with payton that everybody was ready to fail gone all the injuries whatever they nego could denver for i don't even know how many years he ended up being there four years and go to see super bowl and in end up on top so yeah i mean i think he's got great example of guy that you know even if they're not at the top of their game you know there are some situations out there and again just for the sake of you know argument let's say tom coughlin down in jacksonville were you have to feel this is a playoff team year in and year out attic quarterback for the mix with the running game of the defense and he has to feel like it if you know very similar to what he had when he won some championships in maybe could make another run or to ask this thing and i think there's a couple of situations out there that uh that have some some pieces together that maybe he could find himself there and uh and have some success late in his career even if he's not the same eu lie manning uh that that he was when he was winning championships before kerry the give them some advice if they do end up taking a quarterback with that number two overall pick what do they have to make sure they either say or do if they're.

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