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It's kind of unusual Saturday that we have we can and over the last few weeks we've been providing nonstop Lucien I had great doctors politicians and members of the cabinet so honored to be able to bring you all of that tonight we're doing something very different and if you missed the first segment of the show want to know what's going on I just wanna make it really clear we're not doing the whole thing what you're listening to is a radio drama I had the honor of directing producing about five years ago by my former broadcast partner on this very Saturday night radio show it happens to be the lead actor legendary Hollywood icon Stephen Baldwin and he and I think a rather ubiquitous signature role for him play not only the thief in this audio presentation but also in a stage production that ran for two or three years in a row the Chicago area to sold out houses important story it's a story that I hope lessons your whole story for if someone like the thief on the cross done nothing right his entire life was not worth the risk based on work go and there's hope for you please enjoy hi Kevin hello welcome back it was five years ago that I had the privilege of directing the drama you're listening to in celebration of this weekend we continue with heaven how I got here the story of the thief on the cross here's actor Stephen Baldwin to nine two the one after the other eldest crosses was not able to see the cars do their work on the first second placed on the ground.

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